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~ 23 December 2008 ~

As of this writing, there are just three of the 150 letterpress posters remaining. I’m honestly more than a little stunned by the interest from many of you in my work. Thank you. To have sold out in just over a week is pretty humbling. I’ve enjoyed shipping posters to various countries around the globe — Japan, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy — in addition to many in the U.S. and Canada. Signed and unsigned copies sold almost dead even, about 75 each.

Should I be willing to submit myself to another tortuous (though pleasurable) round of type-character designing, which edifice would you recommend be represented next? Anything around the globe is game, though preferably something of a different genre, i.e. not a temple.

Additionally, if you’ve received yours, I’d love to hear your feedback. Thank you again!



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1   eddeaux ~ 23 December 2008

I’d love for you to do the Dallas Skyline, or that really cool museum in Sydney. Great work on that last poster, quite beautiful really.

2   David ~ 23 December 2008

The Hungarian Parliament building: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/12/2008_the_year_in_photographs_p.html#photo37

3   chuck ~ 23 December 2008

Jaw dropping work, Cameron. I love these letterpress designs and pretty much everything you design.

How about the Golden Gate Bridge or the Eiffel Tower? Could be fun.

4   Yvonne ~ 23 December 2008

Sydney Opera House?

5   Diana ~ 23 December 2008

Had you asked for another temple, I would have requested Laie, Hawaii - not for its architecture, necessarily, but so I could buy one for my grandparents, who were married there. :-)

Perhaps Big Ben would be an intriguing next choice? The Space Needle? Perhaps a Buddhist temple or the Kaminarimon Gate in Asakusa, Japan?

I’m sure someone else will come up with much better ideas than mine… Looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks.

6   Jake Spurlock ~ 23 December 2008

I always thought I had a rather prestigious profile. I don’t if anyone other then my mother, and my wife would pay for that art though… ;) Along the lines of the Sydeny Opera House, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a beautiful building. I do like Jason’s idea for the Church Office Building though…

7   Nathan Ziarek ~ 23 December 2008

I’ll be both boring and selfish and request something closer to home:

The Quadracci Pavilion (designed by Santiago Calatrava) would be tough, but could end up looking phenomenal from the right angle. www.galinsky.com / /www.mam.org
Looking again, maybe its impossible with type (did that taunt you?)

8   Bruce Colthart Creative (@bccreative) ~ 23 December 2008

Taj Mahal? Although I like the idea of more cathedrals…

9   Dave Stevens ~ 23 December 2008

An obscure suggestion, but one I would love to see - the Water Tower in Tilehurst near Reading, England:

Photo here

10   RubyGrrl42 ~ 23 December 2008

The white house for inauguration day?

11   Andrii Ponomarov ~ 23 December 2008

Tower of Babel

12   Brent ~ 23 December 2008

The Statue of Liberty would be a fun challenge!

13   velda ~ 23 December 2008

Seconding more cathedrals. St. Basil’s would be fun.. or at least it’d be fun for US to look at! :-)

14   Luke Dorny ~ 23 December 2008

I’d say the Notre Dame or Eiffel Tower.
Or even London Bridge & Big Ben.
Can’t wait to see!

15   Rick ~ 23 December 2008

Guggenheim museum.

16   John Lascurettes ~ 23 December 2008

How about something that would lend itself well to non-latin characters? Taj Mahal or St. Petersburg Basilica or such.

17   Mark ~ 23 December 2008

After living in Brooklyn for a couple years, I’d love to see the Brooklyn Bridge. Seems like it’d lend itself to some really interesting characters and shapes. Could be fun to play with dimension and perspective.

I got my poster yesterday, and it’s beautiful. Thank you for your time and attention to detail. I’m an art director and after purchasing mine, three others from our studio quickly purchased one as well.

Well done, keep it up.

18   Travis Neilson ~ 23 December 2008

Thank you cameron for this beautiful piece. Im having it framed as i type. it will be ready after christmas. we are very excited about it. Its a magical expereance for me to combine three of my passions into one piece of art: My Religion, a symbol of my Marriage, and a love of type.

For your next piece i would suggest something that is not so specific as one edifice… possibly a skyline? or maybe a scene from a book, ive been re reading the enders game series .. would it be crazy to ask for a starship? or how about a scene of the nina, pinta, and santamaria arriving in the new world? Or the signing of the declaration?
If those are to location specific and would alienate your international customers, how depicting the planet earth, or a mountian range?
Im sure what ever you choose it will be wonderful.

19   johno ~ 23 December 2008

Congratulations, Cameron.
Would love to see something like the V&A or the British Museuem.

Here’s to a great Christmas, and to new and exquisite posters in the new year.

20   Ben Bodien ~ 23 December 2008

How about the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao?

Or a series of city skylines, as others have suggested.

21   Kimball Frank ~ 23 December 2008

Fantastic posters! I bought one for me and one for a Christmas gift.

All I can say is, if you do more temples, you could make a killing, but I know that probably isn’t your intent.

You should do the Twin Towers if you want to really sell out.

Merry Christmas!

22   Michael Jackson ~ 23 December 2008

One that you could really have some fun with: Duomo di Milano

23   Ethan Allen Smith ~ 23 December 2008

I love John Lascurettes’ idea of using non-latin characters on a non-latin building. It’s brilliant and the Taj Mahal would be perfect. Is the Dome of the Rock still a temple?

What about re-rendering an already existing piece of art, like The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai using Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana (too cliche?).

24   Andrew ~ 23 December 2008

White House has my vote.

25   John ~ 23 December 2008

I would love to see this done with St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia.

26   John ~ 23 December 2008

Or the Sagrada Familia in Spain.

27   Serge ~ 23 December 2008

St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia sounds like a really complicated task… How about twin towers?

28   Kevin Crawford ~ 24 December 2008

I absolutely loved the piece, but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase it because it was a Mormon temple—not to offend anyone, I’m just not a fan of religion.

I would definitely buy:
-Anything Grecian or Roman
-The Golden Gate Bridge
-A light house

29   Historia ~ 24 December 2008

Love your work. How about the Baha’i temple in Wilmette, Il.

30   Anna ~ 29 December 2008

I’m just hoping that you do another run of the Salt Lake temple so I can buy one…other than that I can’t wait to see what you do next

31   Melanie ~ 29 December 2008

My vote is for a bridge (golden gate, brooklyn, or london), the eiffel tower, or the statue of liberty.

32   emiliano ~ 30 December 2008

A bridge is a good idea, otherwise..the Colosseum in Rome?

33   Jeff Bridgforth ~ 31 December 2008

My vote would be for the Hungarian Parliament building or the Tower Bridge in London.

34   Jo Butt ~ 07 January 2009

I’m surprised no one else has suggested it but how about the stunning Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?

35   JennyW ~ 11 January 2009

I’m with Anna (#30)—I’ve been “off” the internet the past few weeks due to the holidays, a conference, and a family emergency, and I am so incredibly disappointed to have missed this that I’m actually commenting for the first time. Please do another run—I’ll grab two (at least)!

The visual texture seems like it would lend itself well to an interior section of the Alhambra. Other ideas: the Parthenon, the Globe, a section of the Forbidden City or Machu Pichu, or FLW’s Fallingwater.


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