Cameron Moll

Authentic Boredom is the platitudinous web home of Cameron Moll.

Is it ‘Mall’ or ‘Mull’ you ask? It’s ‘Mall.’ The correct pronunciation, however, is actually ‘Mull,’ as the surname is Germanic. But for the love of Pete, please don’t pronounce it as ‘Mole.’

On The Clock

I'm the founder of Authentic Jobs and proprietor of Cameron Moll LLC, which encompasses everything else I do. Most know me as designer, author, speaker, or any combination of the three.

I'm a member of the 2010 HOW Board of Advisors, and I've been fortunate enough to find my work (or advice) in HOW, Print, Communication Arts, Forrester Research publications, National Public Radio (NPR), and .net magazine. (The last of these was kind enough to name me one of the top 20 web designers in the world.)

Off The Clock

My first love? Music. I grew up playing drums. I haven’t played in a while, though. I had to sell my set when I got married so we could afford our apartment. Fortunately, our financial situation has changed since then.

Whenever there’s a free moment, you’ll likely find me playing ball with one of my four sons: Everest, Edison, Isaac, and Hudson. We named our first after the world’s tallest mountain, our second after one of the greatest inventors of our time, our third after the son of biblical prophet Abraham, and our fourth after a famed explorer of the seventeenth-century, Henry Hudson.

And an incredible, beautiful wife, Suzanne, puts up with my late-night musings and endless side jobs. She’s even got her own little corner on the web, too.

Photo by Daniel Vineyard

You’re the best ever!

–Suzanne, wife and biggest fan