~ 21 July 2008 ~

A conglomerate of news, linkage, and some inspiring stuff I missed while I was away.

“Open Range” in Print August issue Print magazine

I’m quoted in the August issue of Print magazine. It’s brief, but hey, I’ll take it.

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman The World Without Us

I’ve been enjoying this book on/off in audio format (available in iTunes) for a few months now. The World Without Us explores how our planet would “recover” from human presence if we suddenly disappeared. Give the chapter on plastic a listen and it’s likely you’ll never think the same way about plastic bags, water bottles, and the like.

Putting Your Email on a Google Domain Your Email on Google Domain

Not happy about the fact that your Gmail address shows rather than your domain when replying to email on your iPhone? If you’re willing to spend a little time setting up your domain on Google (without switching hosts or nameservers), this may be for you.

House Industries Ampersand Tees House Industries Ampersand Tees


Cooler Business Cards Cooler Business Cards

The second installment in Inspiredology’s series of inspiring business cards.

California’s Continuing Fires California's Continuing Fires

The fires are no longer headline news (thankfully for Californians), but some of these photographs are beautiful.

A word for @#$%&?!!! Grawlix

Grawlix, that’s the term.

Enterprise UI Summit Enterprise UI Summit

Are you an “enterprise” designer? Jive Software is hosting an event at the Sky Hotel in Aspen, Colorado, August 7-8. Airfare and hotel stay covered by Jive Software. Apply/RSVP if interested.

Logopond Awards 2008 Logopond Awards 2008

I had a hand in judging these, along with several other judges. Not all of the winners are ones I chose to be featured, but good picks nonetheless.

Inspiration Series: Magazines Inspiration Series: Magazines

Plenty to be inspired by here.

iPhone NY Times GUI iPhone NY Times GUI

Felix Sockwell gives a brief account of the iconography work he did for the NY Times iPhone app.

WebAnywhere, a Screen Reader On The Go WebAnywhere, a Screen Reader On The Go

This software apparently allows blind users to have access to screen reader software from any computer. I wonder if there’s a chance the rest of us (sighted) could use this for initial accessibility testing?

“Gorilla” Usability Testing with Silverback Silverback

Garrett Dimon beat me to it. A very thorough review of Silverback, a good app for guerilla usability testing (still in beta).



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Ty Hatch ~ 21 July 2008

Go to the alpha link and you can test any page. And it looks like they’ve open sourced it too!

2   Mark Priestap ~ 22 July 2008

Weird… someone *just* told me about WebAnywhere yesterday.

3   Cameron Moll ~ 22 July 2008

Here’s what Aaron Cannon had to say about WebAnywhere:

I just tried it. It worked. It was painful to listen to, it was slow, and the pronounciation was terrible, but it is a huge step. I will definitely keep an eye on it, and possibly use it if I am ever at a computer without a screenreader.

4   Brant Schroeder ~ 22 July 2008

An individual I know at our local university is blind and runs a software that costs over $2000.00 on his desktop. If he comes across issues on any of our sites I always have to travel to his office so I can see and listen to the problem. This will be a handy tool for us in the future.

5   Fl├╝ge Amerika ~ 06 August 2008

The pictures of the struggling men are just breathtaking. Beautiful on the one hand. On the other just scary and sad.

6   Twizzed ~ 14 August 2008

Twizzed is completely random. Have you Twizzed? Twizz to be taken to a totally random website!

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