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~ 09 July 2008 ~


Since March 2008, Authentic Jobs, Inc. has donated 1% of its total revenue to entrepreneurs through Kiva, which facilitates microloans to business owners in developing countries. Because Authentic Jobs offers job opportunities for individuals throughout the world, it’s only fitting that the company extend its purpose by helping entrepreneurs throughout the world.

As shown on the Authentic Jobs lender page, so far this effort has amounted to 17 loans to male and female entrepreneurs in 13 countries. I’m committed to seeing the company donate long into the future.

Some recent listings and testimonials from Authentic Jobs are highlighted below.

Full-time (International)

Full-time (U.S.)


Employers continue to find success with Authentic Jobs. Shannon Peterson of Shelf Reliance posted a full-time job and sent these remarks:

We got some very viable candidates! We didn’t end up hiring from the replies from Authentic Jobs, but we were impressed with the resumes we got. In the end, we are glad we used your service.

Alec Rosen of Option4 Interactive posted a freelance job and offered this feedback:

We got excellent results and I do have enough contacts to build the entire web 3.0.

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1   Christian Ross ~ 09 July 2008

Kudos to you for giving back. Interested in learning a little more. Can I ask how your recipients are selected? Is that something you do yourself or have any control over?

2   Cameron Moll ~ 09 July 2008

Yes. I choose the person(s) to loan to and the amount to loan (in $25 increments).

3   jkiel ~ 09 July 2008

Kiva is a great org, one of my nonprofit clients has been involved with them for quite a while, with excellent interactions all around.

4   Connor ~ 09 July 2008

Kudos to you, Cameron, for doing this. I also donate 1% of my income to humanitarian aid (including Kiva), and am excited to see others do the same. Keep up the great work!

5   TheotteDot ~ 23 September 2008

Cognitive post.., dude


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