Signed Limited Edition Letterpress Poster

~ 30 June 2008 ~

Update: More than half of the posters have been ordered in the first 24 hours. Consider buying now if you want one while they last.

Update II: All 50 posters have been ordered. Shop closed. (Thanks everyone!)

Update III: A new poster is soon available.

Poster available for purchase at Big Cartel
Poster portfolio shown at Veer Ideas

In January 2008, a team of 30 designers assembled at the Salt Lake City Library for their First Annual Design Review. Posters were designed in celebration of the event, and this is the one I designed.

I’m pleased to finally offer this artwork for public purchase, each signed, letterpressed, and shipped with care. Poster measures 16”x24” and is printed on Crane Lettra Pearl. Letterpressed by Bryce Knudson of Bjørn Letterpress in Provo, Utah.

Buy a copy or view additional photos.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Kurt Trew ~ 30 June 2008

I’d love to have one on my wall, but it won’t ship to the United Kingdom… Booo..

2   Sam Brown ~ 30 June 2008

Absolutely gorgeous work, would also love to have one, but no UK shipping? :(

3   Cameron Moll ~ 30 June 2008

Shipping to most countries in Europe is US $40. Contact me to make arrangements.

4   Cameron Moll ~ 30 June 2008

I’m adding international countries for shipping upon request. Countries of those who’ve contacted me already are now available for shipment, including UK.

5   Kurt Trew ~ 30 June 2008

Just ordered for UK delivery. Can’t wait. Now… what frame to have! Nice one Cameron.

6   Daniel Scrivner ~ 30 June 2008

Beautiful, beautiful work Cameron! Your attention to detail, especially with typography, never ceases to amaze me.

Can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

7   Janet Meiners ~ 30 June 2008

I saw this at Bryce’s shop and immediately loved it. I didn’t know I knew the designer - at least from your blog.
Here’s another thing - I am mom to Bjorn who was named after Bryce’s business Bjorn Press.

8   Janet Meiners ~ 30 June 2008

Just a note: Bryce’s letterpress web site is I’ve been encouraging him to blog for a few years now - no luck yet.

9   Conor ~ 30 June 2008

I just purchased my copy! I can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks for you magnificent work on this one Cameron. It will have a prominent place in our home.

10   Adrian ~ 01 July 2008

Can’t wait to get my copy! Cameron, please keep an eye out for my e-mail following purchase; during checkout, I forgot to mention one specific thing regarding where to ship it. Thanks!

11   Jeremy ~ 01 July 2008

Hi Cameron. Love this piece! Is there any way to have it shipped to Australia?

12   Anindya ~ 01 July 2008

When will we be able to see the redesign (or realign) of your website?

13   Niklas Backman ~ 02 July 2008

Grr.. no shipping to Finland! Darn.

14   Cameron Moll ~ 02 July 2008

@ Adrian: Got it.

@ Jeremy and @ Niklas: Try ordering now for shipping to Australia and Finland. (There’s only 2 posters left — don’t delay if you’d like one.)

15   Dan ~ 02 July 2008

Oh sure! I think I was the first to ask about purchasing one and when you finally offer them for purchase I’m in the wilderness backcountry with no access to internet. I check in today and they’re gone…

16   Stewart ~ 02 July 2008

Any chance for a second release? Maybe even a non-limited release if you can’t do that again?

17   Cameron Moll ~ 03 July 2008

No chance. This was the only run I’ll be doing with this piece.

18   Mike Metcalf ~ 03 July 2008

Wow, I think I may have got the last one. My wife ordered one upon my request for an upcoming birthday gift and just moments later I went back to the site to see them sold out. Can’t wait! Beautiful work as always Cameron!

19   Hugh ~ 03 July 2008

Great work… I not sure about eligibility, but I think you should enter this into the Eighth International Art Competition.

20   Cameron Moll ~ 03 July 2008

@ Mike Metcalf: Did you (or your wife) get my mail about that?

21   Silus Grok ~ 03 July 2008

My heart breaks! Finally a treatment of my home temple that avoids the kitsch. Absolutely stunning, Cameron.

It would be delightful to see another version (not a reprint, but a new design)… absolutely beautiful. And I’d gladly pay more for it.

* looks plaintively at the designer *

22   Vince Stinson ~ 07 July 2008

I already have mine framed in my family room. Thanks for sharing with us. V

23   Franky ~ 07 July 2008

I know you’re gonna hear this a million times in the next little while, but please print some more of these gorgeous prints so I can buy one! Can’t believe I missed the chance.

24   Ryan ~ 07 July 2008

I am so upset I missed this. Is there any possibility of another run?

25   Matthias ~ 09 July 2008

Great work!

Id like to have one. But it’s Germany…

26   Matthias ~ 09 July 2008

Great work!

Id like to have one. But it’s Germany…

27   Bruce ~ 12 July 2008

The pictures are good but they don’t really do the actual piece justice. Just received mine … absolutely beautiful. Excellent work!

28   Jarad Johnson ~ 24 July 2008

Unfortunately this was somehow missed by me up until now. Amazing work Cameron!

29   Adrienne ~ 28 July 2008

Please please reprint? You could make a fortune on this one!

30   Abi Johnston ~ 09 September 2008

God, I would, well…yes, I’ll say it: I would probably kill for a print of this poster.


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