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~ 02 May 2008 ~

Last week following my session at An Event Apart, a gentleman stopped me in the hall to shake hands and say, “Thank you.” His story, neither spectacular nor banal, was one of fulfillment: Having lost his job a year ago, he soon found employment in Georgia through a listing on Authentic Jobs. He’s still at the company today, and shaking the hand of someone whom the site has positively affected is tremendously rewarding for me. (Is your next job in Georgia?)

Some recent listings are highlighted below.

Full-time (International)

Full-time (U.S.)


Speaking of freelance listings, the very same day the gentleman stopped me in the hall, I received this email from Katrina McKinnon of Motive Media (Australia):

I posted a freelance position on your site yesterday for 75 bucks. Within these few hours I have received a hundred or so responses — a few of them exceptional, most of them good and only a few absolute duds. That’s quite possibly the best 75 I’ve spent for a while. Thanks for making the service you made. I appreciate it.

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