Randomness, round 2

~ 04 February 2008 ~

Tide “Talking Stain” ad (video) Tide "Talking Stain" commercial

I caught only part of yesterday’s Super Bowl, but of what I watched this was easily the funniest ad. To Tide’s credit, the concept of a stain detracting from an important event is an excellent tie to the product advertised, whereas some Super Bowl ads seems to lack any direct tie to the product.

“Mac bag” by Studio Leung Mac bag

Love the idea, but one question: Why not call it Airbag™?

Private Cloud Private Cloud bed

Beautiful. Not sure I’d enjoy rocking or sleeping at an incline, but I can imagine this would make for an incredible centerpiece in a master suite.

How to make fireballs you can hold in your hand (video) How-to: Fireballs

No comment. Via Kottke.

Erractic Wisdom erratic wisdom

Tom Fadial’s latest design for Erractic Wisdom is solid on grid, fresh on creativity.

Tilly Moss MacBook sleeves Tilly Moss

Nicely executed site, good product idea too. (Though the New Stock badge looks uncannily familiar.)

Reform & Revolution Reform & Revolution

The complete details on this site, from the 3/apostophe in the logo to the author photos sitting outside the content block, combine to create a pretty compelling design.

Disk Inventory X Disk Inventory X

In a recent tweet I asked if anyone knew of a good app or utility for viewing which files/folders were taking up the most space on my Mac hard drive. Within just a couple minutes I had several replies, most of which pointed to Disk Inventory X and WhatSize. (For the UI geeks in the crowd, this style of organization is known as treemapping, as seen on Newsmap.)

Lakai Footwear: “Fully Flared” (video) Lakai Fully Flared

Skateboarding. Music. Explosions. Bliss. (Special effects courtesy of Spike Jonze.)



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Michael Locke ~ 04 February 2008

The talking stain ad campaign is brilliant and so funny.

2   Jon Crain ~ 04 February 2008

The icon on Tilly Moss site looks remarkably like the avatar from the wicked worn series two…

3   Jon Crain ~ 04 February 2008

Wait, that’s already been pointed out…That’s what I get for reading it on an RSS reader and getting the comments mixed up. My apologies.

4   andrew ~ 04 February 2008

www.tillymoss.com was built and launched within a few days so I’m thrilled to see it pick up some worthy links and mentions. The little graphic is from Cameron’s old wicked worn article - my css file includes a note and comment. Thanks Cameron.

5   John ~ 04 February 2008

Cameron, unfortunately your link to the Amazon.com listing for the new Patriots book is not working because they removed the listing.

However, anyone interested can find a screenshot here.

6   Thame ~ 04 February 2008

Nice, I love the Reform & Revolution site and thanks for linking to erraticwisdom.

7   Brennan ~ 04 February 2008

Sleeping on an incline is supposed to be really good for Gastroesophageal reflux disease. FYI.

8   Greg ~ 05 February 2008

> Why not call it Airbag™?

Because! That…that name is already taken. Don’t give those guys any ideas! *wink*

9   bilgi yarışması ~ 06 February 2008

Nice, I love the Reform

10   matt ~ 06 February 2008

Beautiful. Not sure I’d enjoy rocking or sleeping at an incline,
After a while, you don’t notice it. Especially if your head is elevated instead of your feet.

The Private Cloud would be good for people with acid reflux disease, or people prone to getting blood clots (deep vein thrombosis).

Of course it’s probably cheaper to get a Craft Matic adjustable bed, or even put a few blocks under the legs of your bed, but if you’ve got the cash, may as well get something slick.

11   Fubiz ~ 06 February 2008

An excellent selection !

12   Marlyse Comte ~ 06 February 2008

Great Tide commercial. Chilling skater video.

13   Justin ~ 11 February 2008

I didn’t see the Tide commercial originally, but have seen it several times. I think this is a great ad as it just drives me nuts not being able to hear what the guy is saying. It bothers me so much on a subconscious level that I wonder if there is a transcript out there?

One of my favorite ads was the nut commercial with the uni-brow beauty though.


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