~ 30 January 2008 ~

Obey Obama Barack Obama

Shepard Fairey enlists himself as Barack Obama supporter and offers a few posters in his signature style, pro-bono. Via Jeff Croft.

ESPN.com: Mobile visits briefly outpaced PC visits

I consider this big news for mobile, but not surprising the way mobile has been trending. A few weeks ago, ESPN.com saw more visits by mobile users than PC users during an NFL weekend:

ESPN declined to confirm the numbers, but an executive briefed on the data said that for one 24-hour period, ESPN’s wireless NFL section, with 4.9 million visits, topped the PC NFL section’s 4.5 million visits.
The History of Visual Communication History of Visual Communication

A succinct yet sufficiently thorough primer on visual communication from rocks and caves to the computer.

Scroll quickly to the top in Mobile Safari

Brilliant tip for getting to the top of a long scrolling page in Safari on your iPhone: Tap the top info bar (where the time and battery indicator are). Boom.

Managing design in eleven global brands

An in-depth study on the impact of design among major brands, conducted by Design Council, the UK’s “national strategic body for design.” Read online or download the PDF. (Thanks Gilbert.)

The work of Jacob Souva Jacob Suova

Veerle interviews illustrator Jacob Souva, New York-based freelance illustrator.

Ma.gnolia Mobile

Mobile version of Ma.gnolia’s social bookmarking service.

Eric Meyer resets his reset.css

Eric updates his global reset.css for minimizing inconsistencies between browsers. I’ll speak more about this in a few weeks.

Light CMS “for web designers” Light CMS

Methinks the promise of a “friendly CMS” is technically impossible give the inherent nature of CMS apps, but linked to FWIW.

Contracts for designers

A decently sized list of contracts, agreements, and forms for designers.

New March of Dimes campaign site March of Dimes

Love the ingenuity of this home page.

Forty’s convincing one-pager home Forty

It’s a couple pages more than a one-pager, but from what I can tell this is a very effective home page for a small agency. You can get a feel for who Forty is, who they’ve worked for, pricing, and even links to competitors (which is a subtle way of saying, “Hey, we’re on the same level as Avenue A | Razorfish, Happy Cog, etc.”).

Mucking Up the Fireworks

Jason Santa Maria:

As a means to a website layout, Photoshop is woefully inadequate…. What we need is simply a dedicated and professional level UI design application, and Fireworks could still be it. And if Adobe can’t get it done, surely the independent development community could answer the call.


Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Rex ~ 30 January 2008

I honestly thought I was one of the only people in the world who used FW almost exclusively over PS for web layouts. Good to see I’m not entirely bananas.

2   Colin ~ 30 January 2008

Using photoshop is like playing an instrument. And although I don’t play a real musical instrument, I love “playing” PS. FW might be the same; I haven’t used in it about 6 years; but I don’t see myself leaving PS anytime soon.

3   ryan ~ 30 January 2008

I’m with you on the whole “friendly CMS” concept. We use expression engine and still hope for something that is a little easier on clients. We just haven’t found it.

4   Greg ~ 30 January 2008

I can’t believe Fairey only made 350 posters and refuses to make more. Grrr.

5   Tom ~ 31 January 2008

FW is much more intuitive, and I find myself using it more and more over PS for web layouts. It has greatly improved my workflow.

6   Mark ~ 31 January 2008

I love using Fireworks. I went back to it a few years ago after breaking my PS addiction and would have a hard time giving it up. That’s not to say it is not without its quirks and deficiencies so I too would love to see Adobe inject a little love into it.

The Obama artwork was awesome even though I don’t plan on voting for the guy. Love the style.

7   Tim Wall ~ 04 February 2008

Thank you for the link to our “friendly” CMS. If nothing else, we (the people behind it) are really friendly! I hope your readers find LightCMS useful. We appreciate it!

8   Kventor ~ 04 February 2008

Thank you very much for the link to Light CMS and Eric Meyer’ blog!

9   andrew ~ 04 February 2008

Thank you! Your link and comment on www.tillymoss.com is very much appreciated. Especially for this little site that I built and launched in a week.

10   Andy Strachan ~ 05 February 2008

I’m another Fireworks fan and have been so since version 4. I hope Adobe continues to see there is a user base for the product and continues to develop and invest. Like @Rex, I’m glad I’m not alone.


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