The highly extensible interface (and workshop)

~ 02 October 2007 ~

UPDATE: Can’t make it to the workshop? Order the full conference proceedings on CD. $279 for roughly 1500 pages of notes. (Code for the interface featured below isn’t included in the notes, but a URL to access the code online is.)

So, I realize this site has become an endless string of announcements the last few months, and perhaps justifiably so given the recent and forthcoming releases advertised here. But I expect this will be one of the last major announcements before — I presume and hope — returning to an editorial style of writing.

For now, I ask you the following: Is it possible to create a single interface that can withstand the rigors of translation, content management demands, font resizing by low vision users, accessibility adaptation for disabled users, and rebranding (for those of you who license your web software to other companies)? Further, is it possible to marry the elegant and the functional in a single interface?

I believe both are possible. In fact, I be exploring these two questions and others in a full-day workshop, Designing Elegant CSS Interfaces, on November 7 at User Interface 12 (Cambridge, MA). If you plan on joining me, use promo code “MOLL” and you’ll receive $30 off each single day registration, or sign up for all 4 days and you’ll receive a free limited-edition UI12 iPod video.

Here’s a brief screencast showing a highly extensible demo interface, one of the subjects we’ll cover:

Alternatively, view the same screencast full-quality by downloading the file below. (Sound quality is a bit poor as I recorded this before running out the door for Orlando and didn’t have time to finesse things.)

The day’s schedule looks like this:

Part I - Introduction

  • Getting to Know You (15 min)
  • Good vs. Great Design (50 min presentation)
  • The Business of Web Design (25 min group discussion)

Part II - Setting the Stage

  • Creating Meaningful Markup (20 min group exercise)
  • The Nearly Indestructible Layout (30 min presentation)
  • CSS2 & CSS3 Selectors (20 min presentation)
  • Knowing the Problem: Design Exercise (45 min in groups)

Part III - Putting It All Together

  • Knowing the Problem: Group Presentations (30 min)
  • Solving the Problem: Part I (60 min presentation)

Part IV - Wrap-up

  • Solving the Problem: Part II (30 min presentation)
  • Show & Tell (40 min presentation & discussion)
  • Conclusions & Q&A (45 min discussion)

Hope you’ll join me this November. (Don’t forget to use promo code “MOLL”!)



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1   Ty Hatch ~ 02 October 2007

Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of work on lately… ;)

Wish I could attend—sounds like a great session—but I used up my one conference trip this year with SXSW.

2   Tim Van Damme ~ 02 October 2007

I haven’t looked at the price for this conference yet, but I’m sure your presentation is worth at least the double! Why in Gods name do I live in Belgium, where no great webdesigner (except for Veerle Pieters) has set foot?

Godspeed with the presentation, Cammie, I’ll be there in your thoughts…

3   bilgi yarışması ~ 06 February 2008

Godspeed with the presentation, Cammie, I’ll be there in your thoughts…

4   troy ~ 15 February 2008

Your site was very informative. I look forward to reading more future postings. Thanks

5   chriskalani ~ 25 February 2008

What is that interface for? It looks a lot like clearspace.


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