~ 09 October 2007 ~

Podcast: Moll on Mobile

Paul Boag and I discuss Mobile Web Design on Boagworld, show 96.

Pixelmator for Mac OS X Pixelmator

Photoshop killer? I doubt it. But an affordable app that seems to have plenty of potential.

Chameleon16 pixel font

New pixel font by Dan Cederholm for Windows and Mac, based on his Chameleon Original icons.

Legendary Aircraft Legendary Aircraft

As an aficionado of both WWII aircraft and good design, it’s hard not to be enamored by this site.

Free chapter: “XHTML and CSS Development”

The good folk at Opera Software are giving away a free chapter from Mobile Web Design on XHTML and CSS development, as it pertains to mobile. Go have yourself a copy.

New round of Oddica tees

New styles available from the unstoppable creative minds at Oddica.

The Octonauts! Octonauts

I’m probably terribly behind the pack, but this is the first I’ve heard of The Octonauts (books). Love the illustration style. Speaking of books, two recent acquisitions Suzanne and I both recommend for reading to the little ones: Not a Box by Antoinette Portis and Art by Patrick McDonnell.

iPhone-formatted books by Lulu

Lulu, publisher for the print version of Mobile Web Design, has announced a new service that “will turn your words into an iPhone or Sony Reader-friendly file that’s ready for download.” How exactly they plan to pull this off isn’t clear.

Edgewater Cottage Community Edgewater Cottage Community

Another difficult one to avoid being enamored by.

Air Motorcycle rider in mid-air completely off his bike

Photos by co-worker Aaron Barker, just outside our offices (literally) as the AST Dew Tour graced Salt Lake City. This is flat-out insane, but ironically also incredibly inspiring. Honey, do we need a bike this Christmas?



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Ben ~ 09 October 2007

Are you sure you had nothing to do with that Legendary Aircraft site?

I love the Edgewater site. The designers’ portfolio is impressive, but their own site is a bit of a let down. I can’t even read the text. (http://www.workwithjob.com/)

2   tom ~ 09 October 2007

Looking at Legendary Aircraft and Edgewater were great (albeit, not productive) ways to start my morning. Thanks, Cam!

My thoughts on Pixelmator from a couple weeks ago…

3   John Lampard ~ 09 October 2007

How high off the ground is that motorbike?! Love the Legendary aircraft site though :)

4   Jeff ~ 10 October 2007

I typically despise people who point out things like the fact that the ‘Legendary’ site uses tables to achieve some of the nice background image positioning, but here I am….being that person.

It’s beautiful, but ….must….nit…..pick.

5   Shane ~ 10 October 2007

You always seem to find such intresting and inspiring things online…

Thanks for the “Randomness.”

6   Cameron Moll ~ 10 October 2007

How high off the ground is that motorbike?!

Not sure, but I’m guessing they got up around 40 feet or so.

7   Justin ~ 17 October 2007

I saw bits of the Dew Tour as well. My cousin is Mike Aitken who took third place in the BMX dirt finals. Here’s a link to a bit of video from YouTube.


It’s truly amazing that these guys can get that much air and still control themselves and their rides.

8   Lee ~ 09 January 2008


9   dp-agentur ~ 23 January 2008

pixelmator? never heard of this tool. is it just for mac?


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