Mobile Web Design (in print) now available

~ 15 October 2007 ~

For all of our dead-tree junkies in the audience, Mobile Web Design is now available in print.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE: Buy a copy for the same price as the PDF (US $19). Offer ends October 21.

  • Major credit cards accepted, and PayPal (most countries)
  • Affordable shipping to many countries
  • Color cover, black & white interior pages
  • I’ve personally printed and revised several proof copies to ensure quality
Mobile Web Design screen showing PDF and print versions

While I’ve got your ear, if you’re pleased with the book, may I recommend a few things you could consider doing:

  1. Get buy-in from the top. Buy a copy for the boss. (I did.)
  2. Tell a friend the book is wicked rad.
  3. Blog, podcast, or Twitter it.
  4. If you don’t have a blog, podcast, Twitter account, or haven’t heard of the interwebs, email me your thoughts. I’ll have a running testimonials page on the site soon (not unlike
  5. Give it a positive rating and review on Lulu.
  6. Post a Flickr mobile photo of you and the book in a bizarre place. Who knows, it might become contest material soon.
  7. Create a contextually relevant, mobile-friendly version of your web content.

I hope the print version sits proudly on your bookshelf. Go forth and purchase!



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Tim Van Damme ~ 15 October 2007

Mine is (hopefully) on his way to Belgium! Cammie, thanks again for the superb service you offered to the early PDF-buyers!

2   Mike ~ 15 October 2007

Is there special pricing for those who want to order both the pdf and print versions?

3   Ricky Irvine ~ 15 October 2007

ORDERED. Thanks!

4   Ianjamescox ~ 15 October 2007

My friend says this is great, on his advice I’m going to snap one up.

5   Cameron Moll ~ 15 October 2007

Is there special pricing for those who want to order both the pdf and print versions?

I’ve anticipated this question popping up a lot. Because the PDF and print versions are on two disparate sites, and because Lulu doesn’t currently offer data sharing or at least discount codes, I currently have no way of offering a combined (PDF + print) price.

So, for now the answer is no, but I’m continuing to look into this as I’d like to offer a discounted combo price at some point in the future.

6   Nate Klaiber ~ 15 October 2007

This is great news. Ordered and can’t want to check it out.

7   Jamis Charles ~ 15 October 2007

Thanks, I’ll have to get one for my UI Design team.

8   ucantblamem ~ 15 October 2007

Lulu doesn’t seem to have a sure list of countries they ship to… Anyone know if they do shipping to Australia?

9   Matt Robin ~ 15 October 2007

This might seem like a lame question, but when you state ‘…black & white interior pages’ - does this mean that later editions will have colour for the interior pages? (I’d sort of hold out a little longer for colour if that’s the case).

10   Cameron Moll ~ 15 October 2007

Lulu does offer a full-color option, but the cost of printing is more than three times that of black and white. I don’t think the retail price will be feasible for most buyers.

However, I’ll pose the question here to allow you and others to chime in: Would you be willing to pay around $35 for a full-color version of the book?

11   Matt Robin ~ 16 October 2007

>>”Would you be willing to pay around $35 for a full-color version of the book?”

Me? Yes, especially as I’ve patiently waited quite awhile for it and don’t often buy these sorts of books unless I think they are going to be worth it. But I can appreciate that the cheaper option (black/white) is really better value all-round and makes more sense.

12   Khairudin Lee ~ 16 October 2007

Ordered. Excited. Currency conversion equals to S$35 (Singapore dollars) So yeah, if the content justifies its price, why not. Hopefully they’re able to send it to Singapore by this week! (which I doubt so)

Thanks Cameron.

13   Neil ~ 17 October 2007

I just ordered my copy to the UK for $13 which is ultra cheap really.

I would have happily paid $40 for full color.

Cant wait till it arrives.

14   WL Wong ~ 17 October 2007

Here’s my quick blog post about your book and yes, in answer to an earlier question posted, they ship to OZ, each copy about $6 for the shipping but may be cheaper with additional copies (per book basis). My copy was shipped on 15th Oct.

16   b.p. ~ 25 October 2007

Where does the book ship from? I’m wondering how much customs will be added on top of the sales and shipping prices.


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