Mobile Web Design in print October 15

~ 24 September 2007 ~

Mobile Web Design book spine
Mobile Web Design interior page

If I receive more mail on one topic than any other right now, it’s undoubtedly a question about the availability of Mobile Web Design in print. I finally have an answer: October 15, three weeks from today. Page length is roughly the same (108 pages), color cover with black & white interior pages, printed on-demand through Lulu.

If you’ve ordered the PDF version anytime prior to October 15, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase a printed copy at cost. Check your inbox soon for details. And if you’ll be attending Mobile Web Americas, I’ll be MC’ing Wednesday afternoon and will have a few copies on hand available for early purchase.

In other news, congratulations to the second iPhone winner, John McCombs (New Zealand)! Quite surprisingly, the winners of both iPhone contests were overseas — thank goodness for iUnlock and other recent unlock hacks.

Winners of passes to Future of Mobile and Future of Web Design have also been selected and contacted.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Wes ~ 24 September 2007

Glad to see that you are letting us who bought the PDF get the book at cost. Thanks!

2   Enrique ~ 24 September 2007

Mmmm… nice look. I´m impatient. I have PDF version but i want this version too.

3   Tim Van Damme ~ 24 September 2007

Wow, those look stunning! They look like my copy of “Getting Real” after 6 months… Any HQ pics?

4   Nate Klaiber ~ 24 September 2007

This is great news, I am excited to finally have a copy for my desk!

5   April Holle ~ 24 September 2007

Thanks Cameron! I can’t wait to add this one to my collection.

6   Kyle Meyer ~ 24 September 2007

Glad to see it’s finally making the jump to print, I’ll definitely be picking up a copy when it becomes available.

How did the publishing process with Lulu go?

7   Scott Nelle ~ 24 September 2007

I’ve been impressed with the quality of products I’ve received via Lulu. Can’t wait to see your book in print.

8   Sean Foushee ~ 24 September 2007

Excellent news. I hadn’t heard about Lulu before you mentioned your upcoming printed copy, so I’m excited to see the quality of their work while treasuring a hard copy of your wonderful book for my desk.

9   Jeff Golenski ~ 24 September 2007

thank science… because I couldn’t stare at the computer screen long enough to read an entire book. Ironically enough being said by a web designer. :)

10   Cameron Moll ~ 24 September 2007

How did the publishing process with Lulu go?

Smooth for the most part, save two complaints: 1) The don’t accept any PDFs exported from Pages, and 2) there isn’t an option for a non-glossy (matte or uncoated) cover. The glossy finish and worn, textured design are at odds with each other.

11   Clifton ~ 24 September 2007

Why did you choose to go with a black and white interior? Was it just because of cost or is there more to it?

12   Cameron Moll ~ 24 September 2007

Cost. Color is more than double that of B&W interior.

13   Shane ~ 25 September 2007

It’s looking great. Congrats on all the success of the book.

14   Nick ~ 25 September 2007

How much?

15   Cameron Moll ~ 25 September 2007

Details soon.

16   Bob ~ 27 September 2007

The online director at my company ordered a book from you (digital version) and we still haven’t received the key at receive it. It has been two weeks.

17   Cameron Moll ~ 28 September 2007

Bob, John has his copy now.


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