Last chance for your chance to win an iPhone

~ 13 September 2007 ~

A reminder that just two days remain to purchase Mobile Web Design for your chance to win an iPhone 8GB or passes to Future of Web Design or Future of Mobile. (Deadline: September 14 at midnight, Pacific Time.)

I had a chance to catch up with Ryan Carson, conference organizer, last week in England, and it sounds like his two shows are shaping up to be a must-see. And with iUnlock now an option, those of you outside the US shouldn’t be concerned about winning a $400 brick that won’t connect with your operator. (Did I mention the first winner, Sam Brown, is from Scotland and that he has already unlocked his iPhone?)

As for the material, I’ve been humbled by the flow of positive reviews so far. Below are a few of these.

John Gruber, Daring Fireball (link):

Well-researched, well-written, and filled with real-world examples and very practical advice. There’s plenty about markup and CSS, but the heart of the book consists of general design strategies for mobile platforms—and why you should care in the first place about the experience mobile users get when visiting your site.

Tari Akpodiete, Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine (link):

I was one of 20 lucky ‘luminaries’ to get an advance draft copy, and I can say with great assurance that the final edition will be worth every penny.

David Storey, Opera Software (link):

This is the one book you should buy above others if you are interested in this field. If you need to justify why you should create a mobile web strategy then this book should convince you that it is worthwhile.

Ethan Marcotte, Airbag Industries:

You’ve got a huge thumbs-up from me. I think this is going to be a huge resource. The Designing With Web Standards of the mobile world, I think.

Russell Beattie, formerly of Yahoo! Mobile (link):

A nice overview of the current state of the art in mobile web.

Jonathan Christopher (link):

I would absolutely recommend this book to any Web developer who is currently building websites. The mobile Web will continue to grow and it is important that professionals have a grasp on the pros and cons of the environment. This book is one of the few which focuses specifically on this subject, and in my opinion will become a staple read.

Ben Bodien (link):

I sat down with the PDF on my laptop and read my way through well over half of it, while making notes and following up with some further online reading on the references. When I looked back at the clock in the menu bar, two and a half hours had passed, I’d filled two sides of paper, filled firefox with a hundred tabs, and I wasn’t ready to stop. I can’t think of any other design or tech related book I’ve read which has had this flow to it.

Hopefully your experience with the book will be equally positive.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Ricky Irvine ~ 13 September 2007

I’m holding out for a printed copy!

2   DaveE ~ 13 September 2007

Me too! How long before the printed version is ready for sale?

3   Cameron Moll ~ 13 September 2007

Certainly not until the giveaway is over!

4   Jason Campbell ~ 13 September 2007

Let’s face it Cameron the iPhone just doesn’t seem to be worth what it once was.


5   Cameron Moll ~ 13 September 2007

I’ll spare the details, but I bought the second phone for this giveaway the day before they announced the price drop. So in this unique case, it is indeed worth what it once was…

6   Juanma ~ 14 September 2007

Cameron, you should call the Apple Sales Support and request your refund for the difference. And you better hurry up cause I heard you only have 2 weeks to let them know about it.

Anyway, JUST GRABBED MY ELECTRONIC VERSION! WOOHOO! I’m certainly the only owner in Paraguay South America now ;) (right??) and hopefully it’ll help me to build better services for the mobile community.

Thank you!

Ps: Looking forward for the paper version, any ideas when that’ll be?

7   John Lein ~ 14 September 2007

Put me down as yet another guy waiting impatiently for printed version! Congrats on the release and the reviews, I look forward to reading it soon :)

8   hidemm ~ 15 September 2007

i really want that

9   Tim Van Damme ~ 18 September 2007

So, who won?

10   Cameron Moll ~ 19 September 2007

Announcement forthcoming!

11   jordan Robinson ~ 20 September 2007

hope i won :)

12   Tim Van Damme ~ 24 September 2007

Can’t wait any longer!! Come on, Cammie, who won?

13   Jordan Robinson ~ 08 October 2007

Who ended up winning this time or has that not yet been released?

14   saketh V.S ~ 09 November 2007

Feeling tight about studying

15   sa ~ 23 January 2008

and the winner is… me. no?! :o(


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