iPhone winner + another iPhone giveaway

~ 30 August 2007 ~

Congratulations to Sam Brown! He was one of the first 599 buyers randomly selected to win an iPhone 8GB.

Given the success of the book so far, I’ve elected to hold a second contest. Whether you were the first buyer or have yet to buy the book, all will be entered to win a second iPhone if you’ve purchased the book prior to September 14 at midnight (Pacific Time).

And in the spirit of garish infomercials… But wait, there’s more!

All buyers prior to Sept. 14 @ midnight will also be entered to win one free conference pass to Future of Mobile (London) and Future of Web Design (New York), both of which the book is sponsoring.

Go forth and buy.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Sam Brown ~ 30 August 2007

Thanks Cameron, and congrats on releasing a stellar book.

2   Web Design Business ~ 30 August 2007

Congratulations Sam!

Thanks Cameron for the sweet offer of prizes for purchasing a book that without a doubt should be in every web designer/developers hands anyway.


3   Michael Grinstead ~ 30 August 2007

Fixed!! Just joking, congrats Sam.

It’s a first for me to actually have read a whole book in one day! Just looking forwarded now to getting the chance to implement some of it within the new job :)

4   Tim Van Damme ~ 30 August 2007

WHAT? 600+ PDF’s sold in less then 2 days?? Thats just plain insane :-)

Small calculation: you are roughly $12.000 richer :-)

I kid, I kid… Ordered mine a minute ago!

Maybe I should write a book someday…

5   Jan ~ 30 August 2007

Congrats Sam for the phone and congrats Cameron for the success of your book.

6   Bill ~ 30 August 2007

Boooooo… can’t believe I didn’t win :(

Seriously though. Great book. I got my copy 8am Tuesday morning and within minutes was sitting on the metro reading. Thanks Cameron for dropping this awesome resource.

7   David Mead ~ 30 August 2007

Congrats to Sam for winning! I think I’d rather have the New York conference pass anyway ;-)

A big thanks to you too Cameron for producing such a great resource. I’m glad it’s been so rapidly picked up.

8   Marwan ~ 31 August 2007

well i wanted to be in the contest but paypal don’t support me so i had to get a friend in Paris to buy it for me. Just finished downloading and will sink my teeth in it this weekend.

Cameron can i please win the next competition i want an iphone cus its pretty, but i wouldnt mind winning conf passes either :)


9   Erik and Lisa ~ 31 August 2007

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so thrilled for your success and can’t believe how many you have sold already! You are so talented and a great big brother to look up to! Congrats again, time to celebrate!!! :)

10   Fub ~ 03 September 2007

Congrats ;)

11   Hamish M ~ 06 September 2007

Congrats, Sam.

Anyway, I’ve just purchased the book! It’s a pity I had no PayPal balance though, now I have to wait for an eCheck to go through.

Well, good luck to everyone for the next set of prizes.

12   bilgi yarışması ~ 06 February 2008

Thanks Cameron

13   ByUgur ~ 10 February 2008

Thanks for you sites..


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