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~ 21 August 2007 ~

Image of Mobile Web Design site

One week from today Mobile Web Design will be available for purchase. I’ve sent preview copies (full version) to +20 luminaries in the web and mobile industries, and so far the feedback has been genuinely positive. (Whew!)

Now it’s your turn to preview the book:

August 28 will welcome a new site design, online ordering (PDF version), iPhone and other giveaways, and more. Counting down the days: 7, 6, 5…



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   gik ~ 21 August 2007

Great, but the site is offline :/

2   Avinash ~ 21 August 2007

Nice!! I’m gonna download the TOC and Preview Snippets files for now.

BTW, is the Mobile Web Design website down at the moment or it’ll go live after a week? I tried to access it but the site is taking too long to respond.

3   Anand ~ 21 August 2007

Yeah, I think the site’s dead right now :(

4   Avinash ~ 21 August 2007

Hmm.. unable to download the files. :(

5   Bramus! ~ 21 August 2007

Awesome! Yet, as gik said: site down unfortunately.

Hope you can get it back up soon, eager to see the Preview Snippet as the screenshot has an extreme droool-level ;)

Pretty sure the book has the same quality, both content-wise as layout-wise :)

6   Cameron Moll ~ 21 August 2007

I wish I could say it’s because a billion people are hitting the site right now, but regrettably it’s an issue Media Temple (host) has been having this morning across the board, not just my sites. We thought they had resolved it and pushed the go-live button, but apparently the issue has resurfaced. We’re on top of it but unfortunately at the mercy of Media Temple right now.

7   Michael Dick ~ 21 August 2007

Yep, it is…but the preview screenshot is very pretty :).

8   Bramus! ~ 21 August 2007

Heh, fixed by now. That was fast! :)

9   Wolf ~ 21 August 2007

Looking forward to this.

10   Greg ~ 21 August 2007

Looking forward to the book, especially since I haven’t had any exposure to this area of design yet. Question though, how much will it cost? (just looking for a ball park figure - assuming the normal $30ish). I didn’t notice any info on that.


11   Geof Harries ~ 21 August 2007

Ah, Media Temple. Yet another reason why I cancelled my DV plan with them a few months ago. For $500 a year I expect solid uptime and responsive support, neither of which they were providing.

12   Fernando ~ 21 August 2007

I find the mobile design business quite interesting to get myself into it. It’s growth capabilities are pretty high, specially in my country, a south american “emerging” country.

Looking forward to buy/download.

13   Sam Daams ~ 21 August 2007

Looking forward to it Cameron; I’ll be getting one! Was just playing with some handheld stylesheets today and realized I need to know more about what is actually happening, asides from the opera small screen rendering. I can get it looking nice enough there, but really don’t have a clue how that ports across different mobiles etc!

14   Marie-Ange ~ 22 August 2007

Read the snippets yesterday. Awesome! Can’t wait to read it all! I am pretty sure I will jump off the fence afterwards. Thanks,Cameron.


15   Mike Gowen ~ 22 August 2007

Wow, the book site looks great! can’t wait to see the whole thing.

16   Tybho ~ 22 August 2007

1 : How much will it be priced ?

2 : I did copy the image findable at and used it in a post about the release of this book.

Do you mind ?

If so, i’ll edit the post and remove this picture.

17   Henrique Costa Pereira ~ 23 August 2007

What payments forms will be acceptable? Visa international credit card? Paypal? Tell us to be prepared! And I hope that Paypal is one option… Right?

18   Cameron Moll ~ 23 August 2007

Tybho - Not a problem.

Henrique - Credit cards + Paypal.

19   Adrian ~ 23 August 2007

Looking good, can’t wait for the 28th!

20   Terry Tolleson ~ 23 August 2007

Very nice!

Looking forward to both the full version and the site update.

21   Ty Hatch ~ 23 August 2007

Just finished the snippets on the ride home yesterday. Nicely done. Looking forward to the full book.

22   zeldman ~ 24 August 2007

Congratulations! It is beautiful.

23   John ~ 24 August 2007

Can’t wait for the book. I have a newfound interest in this since I purchased my Nokia N73, and began using both the Nokia browser and Opera Mini.

If it’s as quality as your design work is,, we should have something great in our hands (or on our screens).

24   Razvan ~ 25 August 2007

Sounds good, a few more days left!

25   Dean ~ 27 August 2007

I can hardly contain my anticipation! :)

26   Anders ~ 27 August 2007

Well, it’s 06:54 (28 august) here in Sweden and I’m waiting ;-)

27   Tybho ~ 28 August 2007

Waiting, too ! In France, it is already 8:55.

I don’t know where you live, maybe in the USA, where the is not yet risen, because of the time difference.

I don’t know why but at first I thought you were living in Australai, I guess I confuse you with Russ Weakley ( ).

28   Michael Grinstead ~ 28 August 2007

I believe Cameron is about -7 hours GMT (2am).

29   michael persson ~ 28 August 2007

Well Cameron, i guess we are all waiting, maybe its better to give ordering to Amazon…

Im also writing about your boo kat my websites… i will implement a new template website for mobile users that needs information for travel…

I think is the book of the year…

30   Tybho ~ 28 August 2007

The site is being updated !

31   Michael Grinstead ~ 28 August 2007

Downloading as I type. Thanks Cameron.

32   Silvan Hagen ~ 28 August 2007

Downloading the book right now, thanks in advance for your great work Cameron. Keep on visiting Switzerland ;-)

33   Thijs van der Vossen ~ 28 August 2007

In Safari both the ‘Purchase Book’ and the ‘preview sample’ link to the right are broken; the cursor doesn’t change when you hover over and nothing happens when you click.

34   Cameron Moll ~ 28 August 2007

Seems to be working fine for me? (Safari 3.0.3)

35   kgoule ~ 28 August 2007

On safari 2.0.4 your images are transparent but over the purchase button… can’t click it…

36   kgoule ~ 28 August 2007

here’s a screenshot when i drag the mouse :

37   Cameron Moll ~ 28 August 2007

Ah, okay. Looking into it. Thanks.

38   ML ~ 29 August 2007

Love the dark grey worn BG.


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