~ 16 July 2007 ~

Things observed during or after Web Design World 2007 (Seattle).

Banc de Sang Advertisement Dar Sangre


BMW Mobile

Because you might be inspired to inquire about fine automobiles whilst driving your Hyundai Accent.

Engadget: 10 Useful Apple Dashboard Widgets

Just like it says.

Airbag iPhone Wallpapers Edward Hopper

“History” currently adorns my iPhone welcome screen.

@media Ajax

19th-20th November, London.

QBN Sessions

7th September, Los Angeles. Shepard Fairey, Joshua Davis, and others.

Richard Turley: Off the Grid Dar Sangre

Richard Turley art directed Guardian newspaper’s G2 coverage for the Glastonbury Festival using a rather unorthodox approach, and then wrote about the process in detail:

Whatever or whenever it was, there was no other decision to be made. We were going off the grid. We were going off the grid in a big way…. To reflect the intense, animated, spiritual, blissful yet peculiarly organised chaos, the obvious course of action was to embrace it. To express this visual assault, each spread would be dominated by imagery, having full-out photographs as backgrounds, with text boxes sitting on top of images.
Gridgets for iPhone

Customizable, Dashboard-like widgets for iPhone. The idea has merit but doesn’t appear to be much more than a launcher for sites/apps. Would be nice if these were actual widgets rather than just shortcuts.

Leaflets for iPhone Leaflets

Dashboard-like widgets for iPhone by BlueFlavor. These, on the other hand, are more like actual widgets.

iPhoneDevCamp Apps

Complete list of apps developed at iPhoneDevCamp San Francisco 2007.


Free version of the E-junkie shopping cart. Works with PayPal and Google Checkout.

What will design be like in 2025?

My reply to this question, along with others from industry notables, appears in this month’s HOW Magazine.

View from on stage at Web Design World View from on stage at Web Design World Seattle

I’m reminded of how gratifying it is to be on stage, if merely because the audiences are so welcoming. Thank you.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Blake ~ 16 July 2007

Great links. Already bookmarked half of ‘em for future reading (note to self, read them for God’s sake!)…

So when are you coming back to FL?

2   Mark ~ 16 July 2007

Yeah love the links Cameron. The article written by Richard Turley is an excellent read.

3   Delmar Reid ~ 17 July 2007

Hey, enjoyed your sessions last week. Thanks for the knowledge-dropping! :)

4   Cameron Moll ~ 18 July 2007

So when are you coming back to FL?

I’ll be visiting the first week of October for Mobile Web Americas.

5   Rick Moore ~ 18 July 2007

Dude, it looks like you’re presenting in a smoky nightclub… :)

6   inspirationbit ~ 19 July 2007

that blood bank ad is so creative! now I’m off to other tabs, checking out your other links :-) thanks.

7   steven so ~ 20 July 2007

What’s up with all the empty chairs. Didn’t they give you any love?

8   Cameron Moll ~ 20 July 2007

That was taken between sessions (4-hour workshop).

9   bilgi yarışması ~ 06 February 2008

Yeah love the links Cameron


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