Yes, I have one

~ 29 June 2007 ~

Two iPhones in black bags

Two, actually. Initial impressions? Very impressed. The keyboard is a bit of a struggle at first, the browser works quite well, and the maps app is fantastic. As for web browsing, a few of my suspicions were ratified while others were refuted. More about that later.

Enduring 12 hours in line, consternation mixed with joy resulted in this sorry look:

Cameron holding two iPhones with sorry look on his face

Actually, I didn’t wait 12 hours but just two or so — I got suckered into an arrangement with someone to stand in line for me, and it was well worth the cost. Funny thing is, our little arrangement made the local news on Wednesday (though I certainly didn’t pay as much as they said).

As for the second phone, one of you might become the lucky recipient. Mobile Web Design is just weeks away from publication, and early buyers will have a chance to win the second 8GB iPhone shown in these photos.

Mobile Web Design, a book by Cameron Moll


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1   Sean S ~ 29 June 2007

I wondered if you’d be snagging one. You’ve been surprisingly quiet regarding the iPhone and your thoughts about it.

Looking forward to the review! ;)

2   Shane Guymon ~ 29 June 2007

Gelousy is an understatement…

If only I had the money,
If only I had the time to stand in line
If only I was with cingular (actually I’m not too sure I want that.)
If, If, If…

If I could get rid of all the “if’s” stopping me, I would have one of those bad boys myself…

3   Lyndon ~ 29 June 2007

iWait… and iWait… and iWait… Not for the iPhone. AT&T activation through iTunes requires “more time”, apparently. How much time, it doesn’t say. Minutes? Hours? (It’s been well over an hour already.) Days? Meanwhile, the “slide for emergency” message on the phone is waving at me like the proverbial red button. What exactly is an “emergency” where the iPhone is concerned, please?

4   Nate Klaiber ~ 29 June 2007

Just got back from the Apple store a little bit ago. Got one for my wife. Didn’t wait in line, just went to the store late. Was in and out within 10 minutes.

I could definitely use a second one….and I could use a Mobile Web Design book. hehe.

Looking forward to your impressions of the browsing.

5   Michelle ~ 30 June 2007

I got two of them too. Funny thing is that the store I went to didn’t have any lines. I guess they aren’t as popular in the Midwest. Sucks for Apple, but good news for me. LOL

6   Gage Batubara ~ 30 June 2007

Yay! hope its my lucky month to get iPhone from U

7   Shawn Blanc ~ 30 June 2007

I picked up two today also. I’ll be looking forward to some articles and reviews by you.

8   Michael Dick ~ 30 June 2007

Lucky you, lucky you!

I have held out on most of my mobile web research hoping the new book comes out soon, I know what ever is in your book I can trust to work great.

Did you get the plans or are you going to use the iPhone with out a special plan?

9   joel ~ 30 June 2007

The call centres for ATT support (in my area) anyway were dead today, so I guess it was true that everyone was in line and not calling in for help. ;D

10   chriskalani ~ 30 June 2007

haha, I love that smile.

11   Dale Cruse ~ 30 June 2007

I got one too! Loving it so far! Best!

12   Greg ~ 30 June 2007

Hello Snidely Whiplash.

13   marc ~ 30 June 2007

I walked into my local At&t store at about 7PM last night and walked away with me phone. BUT I had to deal with crummy at&t sales people. I just kept thinking, “Just give me the &%#$ phone.” BUT he insisted on selling me on the product and telling me everything I already knew. I thought/ think the whole point of activating through iTunes was to get away from the “cell hut” phone boys. AND I didn’t get a black bag. Not nearly the experience as the apple store but no wait was nice.

14   Cameron Moll ~ 30 June 2007

lol, our story made news again last night, and this time I’m on camera:

15   Nate Klaiber ~ 30 June 2007

That news story is sweet. You are famous. Ha.

16   Tim Van Damme ~ 30 June 2007

You little media whore ;-)

Q: I’m from Europe (Belgium); does this mean I can’t enter the contest?

17   Cameron Moll ~ 30 June 2007

Not at all. I anticipated the likelihood of the winner being outside the US, so if that happens I’m considering giving the option to take the iPhone or substitute an “equivalent” device.

18   Chris Hall ~ 30 June 2007

Can’t wait for the book! And nice job on the news report, the camera loves you. You may want to ditch the whole web thing (It’s overated anyway) and go for Hollywood.

19   Tim Van Damme ~ 01 July 2007

Ok :-) Too bad it’ll only be able to serve as an overpriced wall-clock…

Is it me, or is the interface of the iPhone some sort of holy grail when it comes to usability?

20   Jared Christensen ~ 01 July 2007

Ah, lead me not into temptation! And congratulations on the book. :)

21   Sheldon Kotyk ~ 01 July 2007

The iPhone would be nice but really, I want the book!

22   Jason Beaird ~ 02 July 2007

Congrats on the iPhone and the book. I wasn’t able to go stand in line, so I guess I’ll be entering whatever contest you cook up.

23   Cameron Moll ~ 02 July 2007

The iPhone would be nice but really, I want the book!

Quite a compliment!

24   Blake ~ 02 July 2007

Congrats on ya. On a side note, judging by your face, did you poop your pants after initial purchase?

25   Cameron Moll ~ 02 July 2007

That’s precisely what happened :)

26   bennion ~ 08 July 2007

Ha! I knew you were in line! I went back a few hours later and they still had plenty. looking forward to your review.

27   Juna Duncan ~ 11 July 2007

So you paid someone to wait in line for you? Genius. Now if you could only take that guy to Disneyland.
Great job.

I’ll enter your contest for one.

28   Chris Peaper ~ 12 July 2007

I don’t know whether anyone will approve of this but wanton destruction is sometimes amusing.

29   Paul Redmond ~ 12 July 2007

As for the second phone, one of you might become the lucky recipient. Mobile Web Design is just weeks away from publication, and early buyers will have a chance to win the second 8GB iPhone shown in these photos.

The phone sounds nice and all…but I want the book!!! Any ETA on when we can buy it, and where?

30   Kyle Meyer ~ 13 July 2007

“Take the money and buy a new outfit. A purse maybe.”

To each his/her own but I found that worth a chuckle, the words ‘flat-screen TV’ were more abound in my head.

I was able to toy with an iPhone at an Apple store, and am really curious if this zoom browsing will become standard in the mobile market.

Also excited for the new book. :)

31   dan benshoff ~ 13 July 2007

I had my phone for less than 24 hours when a friend of mine at lunch dropped it. Needless to say, the bottom half of the screen is dead. Top half works fine. Long story short, the wonderful folks at Apple will not cover damage due to drops from any height. My words of warning: You will drop this phone. It is very smooth, rounded and slippery.

32   Cameron Moll ~ 13 July 2007

So, I bought an Incase molded rubber case with mine, which works beautifully except for the fact that it’s terribly difficult to get the thing in and out of my pocket — literally pulls out my entire pocket with it, lint and all.

A few days ago I took it off and have been using it w/out case, but your (Dan) comment has me reconsidering my decision.

Anyone have any good recommendations for plastic or leather iPhone cases?

33   Cameron Moll ~ 13 July 2007

The phone sounds nice and all…but I want the book!!! Any ETA on when we can buy it, and where?

A matter of just weeks, and it’ll be available at

34   bilgi yarışması ~ 06 February 2008

I’ll enter your contest for one.


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