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~ 11 May 2007 ~

Scores of new listings, a couple testimonials, and the percipient Veerle Pieters.

Full-time (International)

Full-time (U.S.)



Eric Eldredge, now Flash Developer at Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group, had this to say:

I recently landed a great full time position through your site — the kind of job I’ve been casually searching for for well over a year. When AJ launched, I had a feeling it would prove an invaluable resource, and in my case, it surely has. Quality over quantity indeed!

Peter Flaschner, Creative Director at The Blog Studio, posted a freelance listing and then offered this accolade:

Cameron, the response has been fantastic. Best $75 I’ve spent in a long time.


Welcome, Veerle. We couldn’t be more pleased to have you on board as a partner.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Sahil ~ 11 May 2007

That’s great news. Once I get a site up I’ll be sure to try AJ.

2   Kurt ~ 14 May 2007

I recently passed on AJ to a friend of mine whose company is looking to hire a environmental designer (dealing mainly with stadium restaurant and vendor design). Get much traffic for something like that? - not really sure who would.

3   Cameron Moll ~ 14 May 2007

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing traffic may be minimal. Though with the money-back guarantee, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try…

4   bilgi yarışması ~ 06 February 2008



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