~ 14 May 2007 ~

Dara’s Garden Dara's Garden

Two words: Wow.

Twitter Mobile

I don’t use Twitter, but I bet you do. Biz Stone, co-founder:

Twitter has always been mobile because you can send and receive messages over SMS. However, there’s more and more folks accessing the mobile web from so-called smart phones these days and we figured it was high time we created a mobile version of the Twitter web site.
Edward Hopper Exhibition Edward Hopper

Via Coudal, who remarks, “the ‘sketchbook’ feature is more than a bit clumsy but it’s well worth fumbling around to get at the goods.” Agreed. And a very compelling site design, to boot.

YouTube: Nissan Qashqai Nissan Qashqai

If only…

“Veerle theme” for Netvibes

A long-time user, my Netvibes are now fully Veerlefied.

CharacterPal Dashboard Widget

“A widget that helps you remember how to type any special character, for keyboard or HTML combos. Just put your mouse over a character, and the key combo appears at the bottom.”

Stuff and Nonsense Stuff and Nonsense

The irrepressible Andy Clarke redesigns his company’s site, and the result? A 10-mirrored Vespa, Kevin Cornell illustrations, and of course some css trickery under the hood. Nicely done.

SlideShowPro button packs

Replace the default navigational buttons in SlideShowPro for $9 per pack, the first of which was designed by Mr. Jon Hicks.

FF Disturbance OT FF Disturbance OT

Oh yes, I will find a way to use this lovely typeface. In something. Repeatedly.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Rick Curran ~ 14 May 2007

Cameron, the link for ‘CharacterPal Dashboard Widget’ is actually going to the Veerle Nevibes theme page instead.

I just went and googled for the widget instead!


2   Christoph ~ 14 May 2007

I saw this version of the qashqai commercial first and I really believed for a while, that there were a new generation of car drivers.

3   Cameron Moll ~ 14 May 2007

Fixed the CharacterPal link. Thanks, Rick.

4   Dan ~ 14 May 2007

I guess I missed the meeting where we decided “Wow” was 2 words.

5   Cameron Moll ~ 14 May 2007

That was included in the spec for Web 2.0. How did you miss that?

6   Keith ~ 14 May 2007

Any idea who did Dara’s Garden? Beautiful site, kind of reminds me of the work done by the TN Dept of Tourism.

7   Stephen Tudor ~ 14 May 2007

I love that Disturbance typeface. We used it for our logo on our little website. Agreed, the Dara’s Garden site is a looker! Well done, whoever was responsible.

8   sho'fr ~ 14 May 2007

The most impressive part of Dara’s Garden is the lack of bragging rights from a design firm. It looks like they have some top notch talent on staff!

9   Andrew Hahn ~ 15 May 2007

The CharacterPal Dashboard Widget is brilliant. I’ve been looking for a simple show-me-the-stupid-shortcut-key-for-a-special-character solution for while now.

Art Director’s Toolkit (hitherto bundled with all G5s & PowerBooks) is a good solution too. But alas, the UI isn’t nearly as simple. And, it didn’t come with my new MacPro.

10   Rebekah Tennis ~ 15 May 2007

Dara’s Garden seems to have been done by Design Sensory.

11   Emmy ~ 21 May 2007

Edward Hopper is a personal favorite. I love the sketchbook feature! It took a minute to use - simple after reading the 3 instructions on the side, alas, something we often skip in life: reading instructions. I loved being able to zoom in to study notes, handwriting, sketches. Thanks for sharing.

12   Joram Oudenaarde ~ 06 June 2007

If you like that font, I think you will also appreciate “America” from www.dafont.com

It has a few similarities, but it’s free and works like a charm :)


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