Broaden your team’s competence? Consider interns.

~ 22 May 2007 ~

Yesterday intern Tim Zheng joined our team as interaction designer. Born and raised in Zhuhai in mainland China, Tim later attended school in Hong Kong and then came to the states in 2002 to attend university. We anticipate learning a lot about Chinese culture during Tim’s stay.

Last week Brigham Young University student Derek Caswell and University of Iowa student Aaron Cannon also joined our team as interns. Aaron’s interaction design skills are rather unique, given he’s been blind since birth.

Lesson learned today: It’s one thing to study principles such as accessibility and international culture based on things you’ve read in books and heard at conferences. It’s another thing to witness them first-hand. Y’all just might consider hiring a couple interns if your team is looking to broaden its competence and expand the collective skillset of the group.

Welcome aboard, guys.


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