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~ 04 January 2007 ~

Mobile Web Design, a book by Cameron Moll

It’s been a while since I mentioned anything about the upcoming Mobile Web Design. Rest assured it’s still forthcoming, but life inevitably has gotten in the way the last couple months — new job, new state (or old one I suppose), holidays, etc.

However, here are a few details I’m willing to divulge:

  • This will be a self-published book
  • …in PDF format
  • …available for less than the price of a printed book
  • …with a discount for those subscribed to be notified by email, shamelessly ripping Mark Boulton’s fantastic promotion for his book

Sorry, still no concrete release date. Researching and typing as fast as the mind and fingers afford.

It’s also worth noting that, regardless of the hype and predictions surrounding mobile web growth in 2007, it’s pretty apparent a lot of positive movement is happening to make the next couple of years really exciting, mobility-wise. Below are a few indicators of this.

Device Central in Photoshop CS3 Screen grab showing Device Central

I’m not overly impressed by what I see in this screencast (iTunes required), but the fact that the menu item in CS3 will be renamed “Save for Web & Devices” is a big deal, in my mind.

MEX Conference Manifesto

The Mobile User Experience (MEX) conference will be held later this year in London. The manifesto for the conference is particularly telling of socioeconomic changes in the mobile web space. Number 2, among other notable points:

Tearing down the walled garden will enhance the mobile content experience and release value for the industry. The objective should be a free market for content and applications, based on open standards and accessible to all. We think the current fragmentation of formats and channels to market is holding back growth.
The Economist: War, SMS and Arsenal

Mobile internet access to be big in 2007 for east Africa, of all places:

Despite the philanthropic efforts of Microsoft and others, computers have failed to penetrate much beyond the urban middle class in east Africa. Laptops are targeted by thieves, desktops are stymied by power cuts and a lack of broadband access. But mobile-phone operators are bullish…. 2007 will see the first high-speed internet access through mobiles…. Internet-capable mobile phones will be revolutionary, at least for those who can read and have the money to buy data bundles.
The Mobile Web, Simplified

In case you missed it whilst tearing open presents.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Leonardo Melendez ~ 05 January 2007

We wants it, the precious.

2   Bramus! ~ 05 January 2007

Looking forward to the release of the book. Take all the time needed to writing the masterpiece itself (I’m sure our patience will be rewarded).

3   Nate K ~ 05 January 2007

Just got around to reading your article on 24ways and it was an interesting read. I have a lot to learn about development for the mobile web. I understand the constraints and constructs, just want to wrap my head around an easier way than completely maintaining 2 sites.

I look forward to your book.

4   JP ~ 05 January 2007

Looking forward to the book.
I’m currently learning about mobile device detection, in order to feed different content depending on device capability, screen size etc. I have managed to use RewriteCond/ RewriteRule in .htaccess with some success (although I am not sure whether this method is recommended for mobile?). I will be looking closely at WURFL soon.
Will your book include a section on this topic?

Also, will you be covering the capabilities/quirks of different devices?

5   tim ~ 05 January 2007

Talking of mobile design: My Sony Reader has a screen size of 90mm X 120mm (3.54” X 4.72”) and can read PDF’s… Just sayin…


6   Cameron Moll ~ 05 January 2007

Will your book include a section on this topic?

Briefly, yes.

Also, will you be covering the capabilities/quirks of different devices?

Not at a detailed level, no. There are simply too many devices to dive into specifics about what works and what doesn’t.

7   halans ~ 06 January 2007

How about a Lulu printed book?
I’ve got the 37 Signals’ “Getting Real” print,
and I really like it.
Because paper feels so good…

8   John Dilworth ~ 06 January 2007

I’m interested to see how the book turns out.

I was skeptical of the mobile web, until recently when I got my hands on a Blackberry, and it quickly becomes visible how many sites don’t work on the mobile web.

9   Blake Haswell ~ 07 January 2007

What is the target audience for this book?

For example, I know XHTML and CSS in general, but I have absolutely no knowledge of the mobile web. Obviously, though, I do want to learn.

Will this book be my starting point or is the reader expected to have some background knowledge?

10   Blake Haswell ~ 07 January 2007

Err, replace general with detail.

11   Cameron Moll ~ 08 January 2007

What is the target audience for this book? For example, I know XHTML and CSS in general, but I have absolutely no knowledge of the mobile web. Obviously, though, I do want to learn.

Bingo. You’re the target audience, Blake.

12   Matthew (@ YSAWD) ~ 08 January 2007

Designing for mobile devices is something I’ve been fighting without logical reason for quite some time now (don’t remind me of back when I made my switch to full CSS layouts - I’m stubborn.)

If I want to keep paying the mortgage however, it looks like I’ll have to pick up this book. Blast you Cameron Moll - foiled again!

13   Cameron Moll ~ 08 January 2007


14   Neil ~ 09 January 2007

Let me be the first to say your book is going to be the perfect companion to the iPhone! Everyone will want one, and everyone will want to browse!

I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

15   Jonathan Gates ~ 10 January 2007

I was just wondering how/if the new iPhone changes any topics with what you were planning to write. I mean, I’m pretty new to whole mobile web design arena, but with Safari (full CSS support), the wicked-awesome zooming feature, and the ability to toggle landscape and portrait on the fly, wouldn’t this solve a couple big issues for mobile devices?

I recognize that it won’t solve every problem. Also, does it present any new ones? Just looking for what you mobile mavens are feeling first reaction-wise…

16   JP ~ 24 January 2007


There seems to be a lot of talk about location based services with GPS enabled devices. Is this subject within the scope of the book?



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