Noteworthy, December edition

~ 06 December 2006 ~

50 works that demand to seen at least once in a lifetime

Jonathan Jones:

After a fascinating debate, or two, that revealed how deeply you feel about art, we now have a definitive list of the 50 works that demand to seen at least once in a lifetime. These are the masterpieces worth a pilgrimage or, if you are lucky enough to live near one of them, an infinity of repeated viewings.

Shamefully, I’ve seen only one of these in person: Parthenon Sculptures, British Museum. Only 49 to go.

SimpleBits: Re-Brand New SimpleBits

Elastic layout (em-based widths) and new logo; curly bracket code motif is ingenious.

Resist Today: Dream Pillow

This is downright gorgeous, so much so that I just handed over $39 without hesitation.

Feb28 Feb28

Rediscovered this site yesterday. Love the thornaments + pull-y menu.

Google eyeing Africa


We want to enter Africa, not through fixed-line Internet access but through mobile access.
Shasta Icon Set

New from the fine folks at Firewheel Design.

Ignite Realtime Ignite Realtime

Jive Software’s open source community resource. You might say I contributed to the design of this site.

Media Temple announces Grid Server improvements

I’ll admit I experienced some brief outages last week. Media Temple is likewise admitting improvements are needed, and this article describes some of the changes they’ve made. A bit heavy on the PR-speak, but a somewhat candid announcement nonetheless.

As with any new system we’ve released, real-world usage and customer feedback prove to be the most important and useful aspects of making our hosting systems as reliable as possible. Also, we would like to especially thank our early adopters and first users of the (gs) Grid-Server. Your direct feedback and experiences have been incredibly helpful and our systems are now more powerful and running better with your help.
Concerto Table Concerto Table

Lovegrove & Repucci:

It has the sensuous look of an old, well-seasoned, grand piano while also providing the necessary multipurpose use required of so many furnishings today. The table cleverly accommodates the issue of the many forgotten piano lessons of youth by providing a docking slot for your iPod.

Quite possibly the largest iPod “accessory” in existence.

Hiring: Sr. Interaction Designers

The LDS Church is looking for top-notch Sr. Interaction Designers. Come join a superbly talented team.

Opera Software: Interview with Cameron Moll

Hey, I recognize that guy. Related, check the new

Designing for persistence


Took in The Art of the Book lecture at the 92nd Street Y last night. Milton Glaser, Chip Kidd, Dave Eggers, with Michael Beirut moderating.

Wow, what a kller lineup. I’m with Greg — if others have lecture notes, please share. UPDATE: Greg spotted another review at 92Y.

77 design gifts under $77

From none other than Core77.

Jonathan Yuen Jonathan Yuen

Despite a rather cryptic navigation scheme, this site is actually quite a pleasure to explore.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Jake ~ 06 December 2006

Jonathan Yuen’s website is by far the best website I’ve ever seen. Right away he separates the internet/computer savvy from the rest by using such a complex yet very creative navigation system. I love it, I love it. It looks great on my 24” Wide-screen monitor too.

2   Leonardo Melendez ~ 06 December 2006

Thanks for the links Cameron. As always, one visit to your blog opens up an entire new world.

3   bliss ~ 06 December 2006

As usual, a great post from you cameron. Thanks a lot. it keeps me updated with ‘whats goin on?’

Keep em coming!! love it.

4   Alexander Graf ~ 07 December 2006

Great linklist Cameron. I knew a few of them already, for example the great Jonathan Yuen page, but there were a few new things for me as well. Keep them coming :)

5   Dan ~ 07 December 2006

“50 works that demand to seen at least once in a lifetime”

I’ve seen 4, all in the US. Oddly I haven’t seen the piece listed in SLC, where I lived for 14 years.

6   Ryan ~ 07 December 2006

Found all links very intriguing. Feb28 navigation is simply amazing.

7   Jason G ~ 07 December 2006

Quite possibly the largest iPod “accessory” in existence.

I don’t know, I have been eying this BMW that comes with an iPod kit. :-)

8   ikram_zidane ~ 12 December 2006

hi.. its my first visit here..

i love simplebits design.. its clean but very nice.. actually they are the main reason i did redesigned my site..


9   Tannerc ~ 13 December 2006

You always know where to find the best stuff Cameron. Do you have a direct telephone line with the big man upstairs or what?

Of course when I say “big man upstairs” I’m referring to Al Gore, creator of the internet.

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