Blend Lab - Making a killing at Auth Jobs

~ 08 December 2006 ~

Looking for a few extra freelance gigs? Ken Hurd (Blend Lab) probably already beat you to it:

There are times as a freelance designer when you wonder where your next project is coming from. Finding myself in that situation, I thought it quite fortuitous when Mr. Moll launched the ‘Authentic Jobs’ website. Not being too sure how the process would unfold I took the blanket approach. I narrowed down the specific jobs I was interested in and sent emails to the companies - five in all. After a few quick conversations, a phone interview or two, and some reference calls I had landed 4 out of the 5 jobs.

In “My Authentic Job(s)”, Ken explains his success in landing four gigs listed at Authentic Jobs, as well as his design approach for one of those jobs: A redesign for StyleFeeder, who coincidentally also blogged about their experience from the other side of the table (posting a job).

There are a few freelance listings and several jobs available — better grab ‘em while they’re hot. And if you’ve got a gig that needs a designer or developer, post now and you’re almost certain to secure superb talent within a matter of days.


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