Noted while absent

~ 09 November 2006 ~

A digest of commendable material noted during a +1-week absence.

Limited Opera Mini 3.0 Beta

Grab it while you can. Best new feature: RSS feeds.

[Mobile] Validation is Your Friend

Most common problems: unencoded ampersands, improper tag nesting, unclosed tags.

W3C Announces Planet Mobile Web

Aggregated posts from various blogs that concern the Mobile Web. I’m very honored to be included.

MobiReady Report by dotmobi

Very slick. A mobile website validator (of sorts) with a fabulous analysis interface. Enter to test it out.

Cingular devCentral

Some promising resources here, perhaps most notably the xHTML Programming Guide (PDF).

Mobile ESPN Closes Doors

Duh. More from Kelly.

Windows Live QR Codes

Kelly Goto:

Microsoft keeps dominating the space and setting the pace. However in this instance, it might mean the true birth of the QR code in the U.S. […] Microsoft announced Windows Live Barcode a.k.a. the QR code - and it seems at least within a certain target group (enterprise) we might have a winner at last.

A running collection of verbal mishaps in communication, marketing, and advertising.

This brochure needs to be more literal, at the bottom of each page of the brochure add the words, “Turn Page”.
Bodies in Code: Interfaces with Digital Media

I’m intrigued by this book. Haven’t purchased it yet but strongly considering it.

Bodies in Code explores how our bodies experience and adapt to digital environments. Cyberculture theorists have tended to overlook biological reality when talking about virtual reality, and Mark B. N. Hansen’s book shows what they’ve been missing.
How to Start a Presentation, Book, Article…

Kathy Sierra:

Advice for first-time novelists is often, “Take the first chapter and throw it away. Chances are, chapter 2 is where it just starts to get interesting, so start THERE.” Start where the action begins! […] Yes, this means dropping the user straight in to the fray without all the necessary context, but if the start is compelling enough, they won’t care, at least not yet. They’ll stick with you long enough to let the context emerge, just in time, as the “story” goes along.

Hot redesign by Jason Lynes.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UC Berkeley

Fantastic site design by Miguel Ripoll and crew.


Joshua Steimle takes his company under the knife and and emerges with clean design + SEO focus.

The Otaku Chronicles

Personal website of Hafiz Muhtar, a Malaysian Muslim, a striving student in Germany.

Darren Ansley’s Supercharged

Subtle update, executed with restraint.

Media Temple

This is the host I migrated to (Grid Server) last week. Long story short, my site had been sitting on the same dedicated server (Verio) for more than 4 years. It was in desperate need of a new home. The migration begged and begged but I ignored its plea only because it meant updating blog software, as well. But an extended outage put a fire under me, to say the least. (Didn’t help that my last post before the outage was coincidentally titled, “Outage”.) Somehow I successfully pulled off the move on the road. Yes, entirely on the road. Using hotel wifi and lots of patience.

Related, the blog update is mostly complete. Do share any issues you run into along the way.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Mike Steinbaugh ~ 09 November 2006

I signed up for the Media Temple Grid Server plan a few weeks ago and it has been great so far. The service had a bit of a hiccup when one of the server clusters went down due to a firmware issue, but since then it has been smooth sailing. You’ll definitely enjoy the service!

2   Quest ~ 09 November 2006

Hey Cameron,

Sorry to hear about your outage. I have been with Media Temple for quite some time and recently signed up for their Grid Server plan. Their service and customer service are excellent! On another note I can’t wait to get your mobile web design book. Any timeframe of when it will be complete? Thanks. Keep up the great work!

3   Michael Dick ~ 09 November 2006

Just like Quest, I am dieing for the book! I will be switching to the Grid Server soon…

4   Somebody Else ~ 09 November 2006


5   Sean Sperte ~ 09 November 2006

Hmm. The RSS feed isn’t updating in bloglines (even if I show all articles), but when I load it in Safari, it’s updated with your latest since “Outage”.

6   Cameron Moll ~ 09 November 2006

Sean, do you know which feed you’re subscribed to?

7   Michael ~ 09 November 2006

What software did you switch to?

8   Tom ~ 09 November 2006

Yes, I’m curious about your blog engine as well. I’ve yet to switch plans at Media Temple and I’m using MovableType now. Is it still supported under the new plan? I really don’t want to switch to WordPress after all the time I spent acclimating to MovableType.

9   Cameron Moll ~ 09 November 2006

I’m stayed with Movable Type for now, upgraded to ver 3.3. Seems to working just fine on the grid server plan.

10   gb ~ 09 November 2006

Wow… that new opera mini beta is fantastic! Works amazingly well on my Blackberry Pearl. (The old version was so counterintuitive on that phone)

11   Tom ~ 10 November 2006

OK, so one last MovableType question — when you migrated your data to the new plan, did it preserve your MovableType databases and cgi stuff, or did you have to go from a completely new MovableType install?

12   Cameron Moll ~ 11 November 2006

Tom - I did a clean install by choice. You may need to contact Media Temple regarding migrating database/cgi stuff.

Quest - No details available just yet re: book availability.

13   Sean Sperte ~ 11 November 2006

Cameron, it was the main one ( ), but it’s all fixed now.

14   Cameron Moll ~ 11 November 2006

Great, thanks for checking that.

15   Adrian ~ 13 November 2006

Thanks for the list.

By the way, did the Outage kill our beloved ornamental initial caps for each post?

16   Cameron Moll ~ 14 November 2006

For the time being, yes.


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