Noted while absent (continued)

~ 14 November 2006 ~

Kapitza “Snow” illustrations (EPS)Kapitza Snow

Just in time for holiday artwork!

Each illustration is on a separate layer and can be overlayed with one or more of the others to create endless variations of unique snowflakes.
Newly Supported CSS Selectors in IE7

A tutorial explaining child and adjacent sibling combinators, now that IE7 supports them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just use CSS to say, in effect, “Apply the following styles to the first and second paragraphs inside each DIV block.” Well, it so happens that the newly supported CSS combinators will allow us to do exactly that, with just a small amount of clever usage.
Ken Woodworth’s Links

Useful web dev links. And lots of ‘em. (Ken’s also the talented chap behind Principles of Freedom.)

I’d say a site of this nature (soundtrack categorization and reviews) is long overdue, but apparently the site has been around since 1998. Nice design, too. Personal fave composers include James Horner, James Newton Howard, John Williams, and John Barry among others.

Design constraints in music theory: Dodecaphony

Jeff Croft:

Theory is, in many ways, the design of music. It’s all about breaking down music into elements, patterns, and techniques, and then building compositions based on them. One technique I always found especially interesting is one many students learn about in their first theory class: dodecaphony, or twelve-tone composition. Twelve tone composition deliberately applies constraints and rules to the choices a composer can make when creating melodies (and harmonies, for that matter). While some composers will no doubt see this as limiting, others find the challenge that is working within those constraints to be empowering.
ColourMod Galleria

“Showcasing colorful design.” (Hot detail!)


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