Rejoining the ranks of the self-employed

~ 02 October 2009 ~

Yesterday at noon I turned in my employee badge, laptop, and other employer-owned property. Goodbyes and K.I.T.’s were exchanged. A Snickers was indulged, just because. And with that, I concluded a chapter from the last three years of my life.

Today I begin full-time employment as founder, principal, whatever of Cameron Moll LLC. This is a decision that has been quietly (and carefully) considered since November 2008. I leave behind an incredible team of 40+ designers and many other colleagues whom I now call friends, but it’s time for me to move on.

My attention will now turn to activities that may include the management of Authentic Jobs Inc., additional installments of my letterpress posters, and other covert activities. And I’ll be reading through my own advice for freelancing from three years ago. I’m uneasy about the instability that comes with owning a business, but thrilled to see what it leads to.

I am open to design contract work, but please, serious inquiries only (big or small).

Lastly, and by no means a footnote to this announcement, today also marks the 11th year I’ve been married to Suzanne. The Utah mountains near Sundance and Park City are ablaze with Fall colors every year around our anniversary, and we’ll be out enjoying the scenery later this evening.

Oh, and by the way, my former team is hiring.



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1   Adam ~ 02 October 2009

Good luck, Cameron!

2   Pat ~ 02 October 2009

As a new follower of your blog, as well as someone who is contemplating this very decision at the moment, I offer my congratulations and wish you and Suzanne all the best with this new adventure!

3   Joshua Works ~ 02 October 2009

Admirable. Congratulations & best of luck. Decide what you want to be & go be it.

4   Jon Parker ~ 02 October 2009

Congratulations on taking the leap, Cameron. Can’t wait to see what you do next but I’m sure it’ll be exciting and rewarding.

5   Anand ~ 02 October 2009

Congratulations Cameron! I’m very excited to see what Cameron Moll LLC will do next. I’m sure it will be amazing.

6   Dermo ~ 02 October 2009

You’re only just away an already there’s a dead link on the “Work with us” page. lol

All the best for your next steps.

7   Tony Krol ~ 02 October 2009

Pretty awesome Cameron. Great news, it seems now is a good time to see what can be accomplished with a little more personal freedom.

Congrats on 11 years too!

8   Ben Bodien ~ 02 October 2009

Best of luck, very exciting times ahead!

9   Tim ~ 02 October 2009

Best of luck Cameron. The first time I had ever heard of you is when you came and talked to a web design class at the University of Utah. Your presentation was excellent and it is part of the reason I am a web developer today. Thanks for the inspiration. Let me know when you create a Rio Tinto Stadium letterpress poster. :)

10   Luke Dorny ~ 02 October 2009

Congratulations, Cameron.
Much luck and success your way as you forge forward.
I say more radio-controlled large-field activities, too.

11   Derek ~ 02 October 2009

Good luck rejoining the ranks of self-employment. I’m sure you will do great. I look forward to seeing your upcoming letterpress posters and the other covert activities in the works.

12   Mike Metcalf ~ 02 October 2009

Congratulations on the next big step. Looking forward to see your upcoming efforts come to fruition.

13   Eli James ~ 02 October 2009

Good luck, Cameron. This is a remarkably brave step to take.

14   Scott ~ 02 October 2009

I too begin my first day of self-employment today, though not by choice. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do well!

15   Greg Storey ~ 02 October 2009

Welcome back Cameron.

16   Matt ~ 02 October 2009

Congratulation of both great events.
Go, leave your mark again.
I’m looking forward to see what you do next.

17   Bobby D. ~ 02 October 2009

This is great news! Can’t wait to start seeing more of your work. Glad you’re finally “back.”

18   Esteban U ~ 02 October 2009

Congrats and good luck Cameron!

19   Cameron Moll ~ 02 October 2009

Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone.

@ Tim:

Let me know when you create a Rio Tinto Stadium letterpress poster. :)

Ah ha, that would make for an interesting (and challenging) subject.

@ Luke Dorny:

I say more radio-controlled large-field activities, too.

Absolutely :D

@ Scott:

I too begin my first day of self-employment today, though not by choice.

You deserve more praise than I, then. Good luck to you. (Nice type on your site, btw.)

20   L. C. ~ 02 October 2009

Cheers to entrepreneurship and marriage. I’m looking forward to placing an order for a poster.

21   Andrew ~ 02 October 2009

Nice! Good for you. I’ll be contacting you shortly with a request for a bid, if you please.

22   Les Reynolds ~ 02 October 2009

Really happy for you, and selfishly happy as well. You were a great encouragement to me when I was taking the plunge, and I’ve learned so much from your writing. Looking forward to lots more great stuff. And inspirational portfolio pieces.

23   bennion ~ 02 October 2009

Back in the saddle. Giddy up.

24   Clifton ~ 02 October 2009

Wait, what!? You quit!? Does your manager know this?

Just kidding. Have fun out there.

25   Geert Leyseele ~ 02 October 2009

Welcome back Cameron! This feels like you never left :) You’ll do just fine I’m sure. Congrats to Suzanne as well and enjoy the scenery.

26   Grant ~ 02 October 2009

Best of luck to you! Excited to see what you spend your time on.

27   David ~ 02 October 2009

Does this mean an increase in blog post frequency? Awesome!

28   Shane Glass ~ 02 October 2009

Good luck on your future endeavors, whatever they may be. Mosiah 2:22.

29   Cameron Moll ~ 02 October 2009

@ David:

Does this mean an increase in blog post frequency? Awesome!

I’ll not make the mistake (again) of publicly committing to that, but possibly yes… maybe.

30   Soh Tanaka ~ 02 October 2009

Congrats Cameron and best of luck!!!

31   Dave Rau ~ 02 October 2009

Cameron! What funny timing, of course. I wish you the best and am excited to see you back out on your own and forging ahead.

32   Paul Redmond ~ 02 October 2009

So when are we going to see a of

Not that there is anything wrong with the current offering, but your site is one of the few left that I am really hoping every time I come here that you refresh your awesomeness ;)

Good luck with your new venture. I think you will do great!

33   Rogie King ~ 02 October 2009

Awesome. May God bless your efforts and give you abundance!

34   Brian Christiansen ~ 02 October 2009

Best of luck Cameron! You’ll do well, we all know! Looking forward to some more Camtastic stuff.

35   Joseph McLaughlin ~ 02 October 2009

Good luck with your endeavors Cameron! Also, congrats on your wedding anniversary! You share my parents anniversary of 22 years today :)

36   Cameron Moll ~ 02 October 2009

@ Dave Rau:

What funny timing, of course.

Funny — incidental — indeed.

@ Paul Redmond

So when are we going to see a of

That’s on the list. Although as I said to David, I’ll not make the mistake (again) of publicly committing to that just yet.

37   Ty Hatch ~ 02 October 2009

It was great to rub shoulders with you Cameron. All the best. Even more, congrats to you and Suzanne!

38   Wayne D. ~ 02 October 2009

Congratulations on 11 years, and the best of luck in the stressful yet satisfying adventure that is self-employment.

39   Phillip ~ 02 October 2009

Congrats and best of luck on your new endeavour!!

40   Michael Dick ~ 02 October 2009

Has it really been three years since the “working for the man…” post?! Time flies.

Welcome back to the game!

41   frederick Polk ~ 02 October 2009

Congrats & good luck. God bless.

42   Chris Peterson ~ 02 October 2009

Welcome back, Cameron!

43   diseño de cd ~ 02 October 2009

Muy buen blog de diseño! great blog! thanks from Argentina.

44   John Dilworth ~ 02 October 2009

I can’t believe it took you 3 years to finally get your pants back from Gilbert.

Come back and see us some time. We wish you the best.

45   Ryan Barr ~ 02 October 2009

Congrats Cameron! May freelancing bring you the best.

46   Shane ~ 02 October 2009

That’s Sad! But exciting at the same time. I look forward to seeing all the new things you do. I knew working for the church couldn’t last forever.

Good luck!

47   Brendan Falkowski ~ 02 October 2009

Welcome (back) to the jungle!

48   Brian Bates ~ 02 October 2009

Well hey, anyone who can write a great blog and books can surely run a business, so you’ve got it! Congratulations!

49   Enrique Morales ~ 02 October 2009

Muchas Felicidades Cameron, se que te va a ir excelente, Ride the HIGH PLACES!! ojala me puedas escribir pronto, hay una actividad que esta organizando Sheyla Sierra para ex-misioneros de Torreón!

50   yudhi ~ 02 October 2009

Congratulation Cameron.. you’re my effection designer hero..

51   Khoi Vinh ~ 03 October 2009

Cameron, I don’t think any reasonable person would say that you’re not making a good decision. Which is to say, you’re sure to be a big success. Congratulations!

52   Amanda Kern ~ 03 October 2009

Best of Luck Cameron. I’m convinced you’re destined for great things! May you continue to find the confidence to see you through the uncertainty this decision brings.

53   Erik ~ 05 October 2009


54   Keith ~ 05 October 2009

I’m a little late to the party here, but, CONGRATS. This seems like a very solid move for you and while I know you don’t need it: good luck!! :)

55   dawood ~ 06 October 2009

Good Luck and Best Wishes, for you and your Family!!!

56   Monica zumFelde ~ 06 October 2009

I am just a follower of your blog and I just wanted to wish you all the best in your new venture! Thanks to you for all the inspiration and encouragement you give to many! =)

57   Mike Locke ~ 06 October 2009

Good luck. Blessings bro! Philippians 4:13

58   Mike ~ 07 October 2009

I don’t imagine you having any shortage of work. Best of Luck!!

Takes a brave soul. I have been wondering about doing the same thing myself but the health insurance is what keeps holding me back. Do tell of any secrets on how to make that work.


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