Ten things you may not know about me

~ 11 August 2009 ~

I know, this feels like a Facebook meme or something like that. But in the absence of having time to post something more substantial, this will have to do.

  1. I go in for knee surgery tomorrow, hence a large part of the reason things have been relatively silent around here. This is due to a severe injury playing soccer (football) and several weeks of physical therapy since, consuming a lot of my spare time.
  2. This will be surgery #5 for me, the continuation of a history of knee problems since I was 16. The most ridiculous injury so far? Dislocated my knee while throwing a snowball. Dangerous stuff, for sure.
  3. I loathe the rigorous process of writing, especially books. And yet, there are at least two more books I have an itch to write sometime in the next 12 months.
  4. I never took a formal design class in high school or college.
  5. I may deploy something interesting via @roma_italia later this year. Maybe, maybe not. Neener neener.
  6. Speaking of interesting deployments, I’m really liking SimpleBits’ Dribbble so far and I think you will too. I can’t say more than it’s an idea loosely inspired by Screen Grab Confab (for those of you who remember that).
  7. I often pace myself to avoid cracks and painted lines when walking. I’m not superstitious, it’s just something to keep me mentally entertained I suppose.
  8. I’m a pretty decent R/C pilot, but occasionally things go awry.
  9. I’ve got the best family ever. My four sons love playing just about any sport with me and enjoy the same hobbies, and my wife is the reason I’ve accomplished what I’ve accomplished in the last 11 years.
  10. I broke some rather big news to select individuals last week. I’ll share the news publicly in a few weeks.

And with that, see you in a little while.

Update: The surgery went well. Thank you for sending good thoughts my way.



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1   Niki Brown | The Design O'Blog ~ 11 August 2009

Pretty freaking amazing for not being ‘formally’ educated in design! Keep up the good work :)

2   johno ~ 11 August 2009

All the best with your surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Intrigued by this‘big news’.

3   Angie ~ 11 August 2009

Having had 3 knee surgeries myself (subluxation of the knee cap), and a football (soccer) player too, I know the feeling and can really empathize. Best of luck with the surgery and speedy recovery!!

4   Bryan Corey ~ 11 August 2009

Interestingly enough, I do the same thing with cracks in sidewalks, and also for no reason other than something to do while walking.

5   Petra ~ 11 August 2009

Wish you a quick recovery and will be looking forward to the news you have to share :)

6   Brandon Hale ~ 11 August 2009

I pray you have a quick recovery from the surgery. You are a heavy influence on my design perspective so its imperative you get back to full health soon.

7   bennion ~ 11 August 2009

good luck with the surgery, man. keep clear of the snowballs.

8   Dave Schafer ~ 11 August 2009

Web Designers/Developers sure seem to be a fragile bunch. Several of the web folks I’m following on twitter talk about surgery or PT quite a bit. I’m recovering from my 3rd surgery for a sports-related injury (2 knee, 1 shoulder).

Good luck.

9   velda ~ 11 August 2009

Then I’m curious: what did you study in school? What were you aiming to become and how did you end up here?

10   Mike ~ 11 August 2009

I had an acl recon about four months ago, also soccer related.

Good luck with your surgery, hope you recover quickly!

11   Joe Ribaudo ~ 11 August 2009

Good luck with the surgery and a quick recovery!

12   Michael ~ 11 August 2009

OMG! How big was the snowball?

13   José Carlos ~ 11 August 2009

Good luck with the surgery. Been there twice and hope not to be anymore.

You also broke the news? Hope to here them soon. :)

14   Chris Robinson ~ 11 August 2009

Wondering what this “rather big news” is going to be?

15   José Carlos ~ 11 August 2009

The last line should be:
You also broke the news? Hope to hear them soon. :)

16   Cameron Moll ~ 11 August 2009

Thank you for all the well wishes — your words are comforting.

@ Dave Schafer:

Web Designers/Developers sure seem to be a fragile bunch. Several of the web folks I’m following on twitter talk about surgery or PT quite a bit.

Indeed. I spoke at HOW Design Conference just 10 days after the injury, told the audience at the start about playing soccer, and by show of hands probably 20% of the audience (~800 people) also played soccer. Apparently we web folk are athletic, too.

@ velda:

Then I’m curious: what did you study in school? What were you aiming to become and how did you end up here?

I began as a music major, later switched and graduated with a degree in business management. I fell into web design along the way.

@ Michael:

How big was the snowball?

Ha. It was on a sloping hill. I think at least I earned a few style points for that.

17   Derek ~ 11 August 2009

I wonder what the big news is. Another addition to the family? Maybe it will be a girl this time. :) I have two (1 boy, 1 girl) and they are the greatest. Whatever it is I look forward to hearing it. Keep up the great blog posts.

18   Camilo Oliveira ~ 12 August 2009

Good luck on surgery, Cameron.

Playing soccer is very good, I love it, but unfortunately involves risks.
BTW, what team do you support?

19   Brandon Cordell ~ 12 August 2009

Hey Cameron,

I wish you a very speedy recovery!

Also it’s awesome to see that you’re a family man. How do you balance your work with your family? I realize this question may sound odd to some people, but I have a hard time putting my work down when I get home from the office, and my fiance is 8 weeks along. I’m often worried that I won’t be able to balance the two efficiently.

20   Karl Baxter ~ 13 August 2009

“I often pace myself to avoid cracks and painted lines when walking. I’m not superstitious, it’s just something to keep me mentally entertained I suppose.”

I’m in denial about my OCD too. Great little blog - a pleasure to fall upon. Just to echo what some others have said - you’ve got a lot of talent and a lovely style for someone with no formal training.

Peace out,


21   Shane ~ 13 August 2009

Pretty interesting, although I am now walking away not really knowing that much NEW about you.

2 of the 10 had to do with injuries. 3 of the 10 were VERY vague and leave you asking more questions than getting answers. 1 is already understood and expected (about yor fondness of your family). So that really only leaves about 4 things that we might not know about you.

Still interesting though, just my observations is all.

22   Phillip Ridlen ~ 13 August 2009

I can TOTALLY relate to #7. I often find that two steps per sidewalk section is much too small, and have adopted at “two steps, one step” sort of rhythm, where I travel 2/3 of a sidewalk section per stride. However, this unevenness bothers me. Any suggestions on how to balance my life?

Also, good to hear the surgery went well.

AND I also just noticed that your background is a modified Squidfingers pattern #005.

23   Aaron ~ 14 August 2009

Glad the surgery went well. My brother-in-law has had nine knee surgeries so far and is still working out all the issues. I just got done with an ankle surgery myself, so I can empathize.

#7 - I do that too. And I’m with @Phillip Ridlen. I do the same thing to work out a rhythm with the concrete tiles. Some sidewalks are well suited for one or two steps per tile. Most are not.

24   Michael Dick ~ 23 August 2009

Glad the surgery went well; I’m also glad that I’m not the only one who paces themselves to avoid cracks and lines.

Take care…excited for the upcoming news.


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