Write more to interview less

So, here's the thing with interviewing: applications, screenings, and interviews are done with the sole purpose of getting to know your persona, knowledge, experience, and expertise. Imagine if you could shortcut some of this before ever speaking with the company?

You can. It's called writing.

Writing — specifically writing consistently over time, not just a portfolio point in time — is a remarkable way of putting yourself out there. It's as if you're giving continual answers about your qualifications and approach to the work in advance of the interview.

I know of no other skill that has helped me throughout my career more than writing. Of every kind. Long form, short form, professional, casual, even dad jokes of late are creating a little buzz for myself that didn't exist before.

Writing is a muscle. It only improves with consistent effort. Consistent exposure is the byproduct of consistent writing.

✣ Write more to interview less.
✣ Write more to pitch less.
✣ Write more to gain more.

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