UX leader, strategist, mentor, aligner. Lover of sevens.

Since 1999 I’ve had the privilege of strategizing, crafting, and shipping customer-centric user experiences for web, mobile, and other digital platforms. I’ve led teams ranging in size from 1 to 100+ (including remote employees and contractors) at non-profits, startups, and some of the biggest companies in tech.

Currently I’m available for hire—UX consulting, product strategy, speaking, mentoring. Let’s talk.

Cameron Moll speaking at Front 2016 in Salt Lake City
Speaking at Front 2016 in Salt Lake City

When we align

I’m an advocate of alignment in all its forms. When we align as product teams and creative organizations, we prioritize unity over uniformity, chemistry over culture, and people over process. When this happens, the result is meaningful, purposeful, and incredibly beautiful.

Formerly as Head of Design for the Events platform on Facebook, I was responsible for aligning a vast array of user experiences across the Events ecosystem comprised of +500 million monthly users. My responsibilities were split between product strategy and people management, with a dose of cross-org extracurricular activities.

Diagram showing Cameron's responsibilities as Head of Design for Facebook Events

Prior to Facebook, I founded Authentic Jobs in 2005 and was its CEO when it was acquired in 2016. Authentic Jobs aligns great talent with great opportunities via job postings for designers, developers, and creative pros across the globe. Apple, Facebook, HBO, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and hundreds of other companies large and small rely on Authentic Jobs to find talent across the globe.

Since 2005 I’ve spoken at conferences in North America and Europe. My work and advice has been featured by NPR, The Atlantic, Forrester Research, and many others. I’m co-author of the best-selling CSS Mastery (Apress 2006, 2009) and author of Mobile Web Design (self-published 2007).

Selected writings:

Additional articles on Medium, Tumblr, or my oldschool archives.

Lover of sevens

I have a confession to make: I love the number 7. It’s what I’ll choose if you ask me to pick a number between 1 and 100. I’ve worn it on sports jerseys over the years. It’s the number in my logo. And—no surprise here—I have a family of 7.

Photo showing the Moll family sitting on steps
The Moll gang

Together with my truly better half, Suzanne, we are raising five amazing sons in the coastal town of Sarasota, Florida. Our beach is amazing. On Facebook I write occasionally about parenting insights, such as smartphones at home and our oldest son’s adventures in Norway.

Lastly, I appreciate the important responsibility of teaching others. This is what propels me to write, speak, tweet, and share what I’m learning. I leave you with one more video from Generate New York 2016 on the topic of Unified Design—crafting outstanding user experiences regardless of where the digital experience begins, continues, and ends.

If you made it to the end, highest of fives. Have a look at my letterpress posters or peruse a post or two while you’re here.

Waving from Florida,
Cameron Moll

P.S. It’s pronounced "Mall" like shopping mall, if you’re curious.

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