Don’t call it a comeback. I been here for years.

Hello again, friend. It’s been a minute.

Personal site redesigns are a fickle beast. Cobbler’s children without shoes and all that. Time and time again our personal spaces on the web—the forefront of our digital personas—take a back seat to what can only be described tritely as, “I been busy with other things.”

And to say nothing of preaching done is better than perfect in inspirational team memos and conference keynotes only to practice the polar opposite in private, as if we fear the judgment of would-be readers passing our site through the W3C validator before choosing to subscribe to our RSS feeds. (This was a thing once upon a time.)

Well, I’ve done launched an imperfect thing here and tossed in some street speak to go with it.1 As of this writing my homepage consists of a paltry construction GIF and a single line of text, thanks to the urging of a friend. The HTML/CSS under the hood needs some finessing—yes, it fails validation. And journal section aside I have a whopping four pages you can visit.

BUT. But, my dear friends. After years of neglect, what a rush of joy seeing this site breathing again! What a privilege to be back in the author’s seat! Why did I ever leave in the first place? Oh that’s right, I been busy with life.

Cameron typing on his laptop while his youngest son pretend types on a peripheral keyboard
Tippity-tappity with my youngest son

Deploying one’s redesign in the middle of a global pandemic seems so unimportant at the moment, yet I have boundless things to write about, here, on my site proper. I contend there’s no better time for it.

As for the nuts and bolts of my site, Kirby powers everything you see here.2 It’s been fantastic to work with. Commento will power commenting soon. Klim Type Foundry fonts are featured throughout the site.3 Here’s the RSS feed if you’re into that.

It feels great to light up the mic again. But don’t call it comeback. I been here for years.


1. Thx ✌🏼LL Cool J. 2. Thx 🤙🏼Bastian Allgeier for lending a hand along the way. 3. Founders Grotesk, Tiempos Fine, and Tiempos Text.