To Florida, again

~ 28 October 2009 ~

Vert: Boy jumping high on ocean shore

Yesterday’s heavy snowfall here in Utah seems a fitting time to announce the Moll crew is moving to Florida. Again. Except this time around, it’s long-term.

We move two weeks from today, and because of that things may be relatively silent around here for a little while. There is no shortage of chaos ‘round the Moll household at the moment, as you might imagine.

We’re headed to Sarasota, specifically Siesta Key, about 1 hour south of Tampa Bay on the gulf side of the state. We’ve flirted with the area on and off over the last several years, and due to warmer weather and proximity to Suzanne’s family, we plan to call it ‘home’ for the foreseeable future.

Go Gators.

Update: We’ve made a rather unexpected stop in New Mexico along the way.



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1   Pedro ~ 28 October 2009

Although it’s a no-brainer to give up cold winter weather for a sunny alternative, the beehive state will soon be absent a creative mind. Best of luck in Florida.

2   Greg ~ 28 October 2009

Great to have you here in FL! FYI: The high this week is 85 degrees and the low is around 70!!

3   Nick Dominguez ~ 28 October 2009

Welcome back, the west coast is really nice, I think I just saw Siesta Key was rated one of the best beaches in U.S for 2008.

4   Clifton ~ 28 October 2009

Good luck, Cameron. I guess if you never post again, we’ll know that they don’t have the Internet in Siesta Key.

Mmmm… siesta…

5   Matt ~ 28 October 2009

Best of luck. I may have to visit to go golfing during our 6-month Utah winter.

6   Jody ~ 28 October 2009

Congrats! Happy packing!

7   Jason Beaird ~ 28 October 2009

Go Gators, indeed! Both my wife’s family and mine live directly East of there in Vero Beach. We hope to move closer to home when she finishes school. Best of luck with the move and hope you enjoy your little chunk of the Sunshine State.

8   Squaregirl ~ 28 October 2009

I recently left the Tampa Bay area, and on rainy NYC mornings like this, I couldn’t miss it more.

Say hello to the sunshine for me.

9   Kedron ~ 28 October 2009

Congrats! I just moved from the Tampa Bay area to West Michigan. You’ll enjoy the weather this time of year… come September you’ll curse the heat though. ;-) Enjoy!

10   Paul Burton ~ 28 October 2009

I’d give up warm weather for snow anytime. I can’t begin to describe how much I miss Utah, but the Tampa area has some real nice offerings.

Be sure to look into swimming with the Manatees on the Crystal River just north of the city - my wife and I recently had an excursion cancelled due to rain (heading back down next spring) and the Dali museum in St. Pete is an absolute gem.


11   Amanda Kern ~ 28 October 2009

Woohoo! That’s awesome Cameron. You know all of us at Valencia and in central Florida look up to you. We might have to get you come visit us again! Best of luck to you & your family!

12   Aftab ~ 28 October 2009

I love Florida.. Best of luck!

13   Ty Hatch ~ 28 October 2009

All the best. Enjoy the Florida sun!

14   Philip Zaengle ~ 28 October 2009

Welcome (almost) to South West Florida from Naples (2 hours south of where you’ll be)! Wanna go diving sometime?

15   Cameron Moll ~ 28 October 2009

@ Philip Zaengle: I’ve never been. I’m sure I’d enjoy it.

16   Lehi Sanchez ~ 28 October 2009

Please leave the “fry sauce” in Utah. I don’t think I could handle an east coast takeover of the weirdest sauce combination I’ve ever seen (mayonnaise and ketchup for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about) :-) but aside from that - welcome to the east coast!

17   Niki Brown ~ 28 October 2009

I miss Flordia! Enjoy the warm weather!

18   blake johnson ~ 28 October 2009

This news makes me sad. Tho FL is a great place (except for hurricanes!) I lived near Orlando for a while (Mormon missionary.) Anyway, I’m a web guy at UVU. Any chance I can pick your CSS brain for a few minutes one of these days? Good luck!

19   Jorge Piñon ~ 28 October 2009

Good to have you down in SoFla. It’s not Miami (for anyone else reading, we need talent), but it’s close. And yeah, leave your mittens in Utah. It’ll be 85+ the rest of this week (friggin November!)

20   Kai ~ 28 October 2009

All the best for the move! Lots of changes in your life in late 2009, hu? ;-)

21   Katrina Deas ~ 28 October 2009

Come to Spain!

22   Paul ~ 28 October 2009

Although Utah does look very (actually incredibly) beautiful, there’s a lot to be said for sun and beaches.

We moved from almost beachside to “a-one-hour-drive-from-the-beach” about 3 years ago and I miss the beach like mad.

You can always visit and crash with family in the beehive state if you need a snow fix anyway right? ;)

23   Craig ~ 28 October 2009

Glad to have you here! I live ‘beachside’ about 25 miles south of Cape Canaveral - it was great to watch the Ares 1-X rocket launch on the way to lunch today :)

Make sure you get over to see a Shuttle launch. There are not too many left.

24   Dave Rau ~ 28 October 2009

Well it’s certainly sunny here! Glad to have ya back again Cameron.

Aaaand Sarasota is an hour drive away from the Resist Today HQ.

25   Christy ~ 28 October 2009

Welcome back! You can wear flip flops all winter long again.

26   Richard Fink ~ 29 October 2009

Welcome to the neighborhood. I live in Naples 90 miles south. My parents lived in Sarasota for 26 years up until this year. They still have the condo there.
Nice town.
Lots of luck.

27   Joel ~ 29 October 2009

Wow! When you decide to make changes, you don’t mess around do you?
Best of luck to you and yours.

28   Benjamin Reece ~ 30 October 2009

GEAUX tiger bait :)

Seriously thought, I am so glad you are moving to the south.

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” Robert Louis Stevenson

New 50p1q coming in the next week or so :) Thanks for believing in me.

29   Cameron Moll ~ 30 October 2009

@ Benjamin Reece: Excellent, can’t wait to see it!

30   Karen ~ 01 November 2009

Congrats on the move to warmer weather and one of the most beautiful beaches with powdery white sand. I used to live in Siesta Key and I remember sinking my toes into that soft sand…ahhh and the warm water! I’m in New Zealand now so I can’t say I miss Siesta Key but I have very fond memories. Enjoy!

31   Lee ~ 01 November 2009

Holy cow! I have been following your blog for years, and now you are moving to my town. That is just too cool.

32   Mark ~ 02 November 2009

I’ve been living on Siesta Key for 10 years and it’s like being on vacation all year round, you’re going to love it!

Go Gators.

33   Tim ~ 02 November 2009

Why the move?

34   christos Mantzanas ~ 02 November 2009

Buy a boat!

35   Monica zumFelde ~ 03 November 2009

Terrific news for you and your family! Change is a good thing! Siesta Key is just waiting and ready for you! Have a safe move and we look forward to your postings when you get settled in!

36   Leroy Lyne | For Kids ~ 03 November 2009

Congratulations, my kids live in Florida and I live in New York. I wish I could make that move too, my son is rocker living in Orlando. The last time I hear he was looking for a drummer maybe you can join them . :-). He’d probably say you are too old, though. I love it there. Good luck, the kids are really going to love it there.

37   Brian Breslin ~ 05 November 2009

welcome to sunny Florida! Give me a buzz if you’re ever down in Miami, we’d love to have you talk at RefreshMiami or just meetup with our web community.

I hear great things are emerging in the naples/sarasota area too. Best of luck on the move.

38   Bryce Nill ~ 05 November 2009

Welcome to Sarasota! I’ll buy you a beer at SKOB.

39   Cameron Moll ~ 10 November 2009

@ Tim: Why the move? Various reasons. Suzanne’s family is in the area, warmer weather, etc.

@ Brian Breslin: Will do, thank you.

@ Bryce Nill: Awesome, Bryce. I don’t drink, but I’ll take you up on a soda.

40   Kelly Marshall ~ 13 November 2009

My parents live a few minutes south of Siesta Key, in Osprey, FL. They’re forever trying to convince me to relocate to the area, raving about the arts community in Sarasota and influx of young, talented creative folk. They also think there is a big market for hi-end real estate brochure website clientele. Be sure to drive down along Casey Key someday to see some magnificent mansions, many with “For Sale” signs this time of year. Alas, Florida isn’t for me, though I do like to visit. And Siesta Key really is a fabulous beach. Enjoy!

41   Charles Woods ~ 24 November 2009

Welcome to the Key!

42   Michael Kozakewich ~ 24 November 2009

Snow in Utah? Already? Way up in Canada, we only had some melting stuff, and now the ground is still all clear. It’s been hovering around freezing. I’m waiting.

43   Rob ~ 04 December 2009

Welcome back to Florida! That’s a long way from where I am in the panhandle, but it’s a great part of the state - far from “God’s waiting room” as it was once known! (I grew up in SW Florida - Ft. Myers to be exact and it was the main office for God’s waiting room when I was there in the 80’s.)

44   Brandon S ~ 17 December 2009

My wife and I moved from SLC to the Space Coast six years ago to satiate a fly fishing addiction (my own). We recently moved again to Fort Myers. The west coast is amazing.

I don’t find myself missing the snow or those terrible inversions that never seem to go away this time of year. Mountains, now that’s another story.

It’s interesting to now have such a CSS guru and design aficionado living within such a close proximity.


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