Architecture in Switzerland (Taschen)

~ 24 June 2008 ~

Architecture in Switzerland is a stunning collection of inspiring photographs, complemented by commentary from author Philip Jodidio. Published by Taschen, this book is one of several titles of its kind, and it was gifted to me for Father’s Day.

The commentary on each building is brief and appears in English, German, and French. I just love this quote, speaking of architect Mario Botta’s “Tour de Moron”:

There is an intentional contrast with the natural setting here, as Botta says: ‘In these mountains above the sweeping plateau, the helical tower — like an arrow driven into the terrain — comes across as an unexpected and somehow disquieting sign. Tourists and wayfarers seeking idyllic landscapes are thus drawn into the reality of austere, authentic beauty that can be found only in a place where, alongside nature, the mark of humanity is also visible.’

A few spreads from the book (click for larger photos at Flickr):



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   Chad Crowell ~ 24 June 2008

I have this bookmarked on Amazon to buy for my best friend on his next birthday. Your recommendation makes me that much more excited to get it for him! He’s extremely proud of his Swiss heritage. BTW I assume you’ve seen this? ;-)

2   ScottMocha ~ 24 June 2008

I have to admit that i have a bit of a love affair with all things Swiss. Everytime I visit, no matter which village, canton, or region, there is always a special aura of form, function, and beauty to everything I experience. This book looks like a perfect example of that very thing. Thank you for showing it, what a great way to start my day!

3   Dan ~ 25 June 2008

I’ve recently moved to Switzerland from New Zealand, and I love the architecture here. And pretty much everything else, too.

4   Nik ~ 25 June 2008

Thanks for the find. I lived in Zurich for six years and have always been amazed at how the traditionally conservative swiss have opened up their idyllic valleys and hills to some incredible architecture. It takes some guts, and in most instances this has paid off.

5   baratas ~ 25 June 2008

Very good. Congratulations.

6   Al ~ 25 June 2008

I also lived near Zurich for several years as a teenager and remember, along with the modern architecture, the classical structures as well. For example, each village along the Lake of Zurich has its own church/chapel with similar yet distinct features. A train ride along the lake is like a study Romanesque architecture.

7   Shawn Adrian ~ 26 June 2008

Yet another beautiful book of architecture. I have too many of these and all I do is drool (lovingly, of course) on them.

8   David ~ 28 June 2008

I think Taschen makes some of the finest books available. Mine on Dali gets a lot of love and attention from myself and anyone who happens upon it.

9   Aleksei ~ 06 July 2008

Perfect houses.
And in general Switzerland the perfect country.

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