Noteworthy, Holiday Break edition

~ 30 December 2006 ~

2007 Web Predictions

Read/Write Web’s rumination on what trends will be important over the coming year. Predicted winners: structured data (e.g. microformats), rich internet apps, vertical search engines, P2P, mobile web, and others. See also results from a reader poll based on the same predictions.

2007 Webbys to include mobile sites

While the utility of the Webbys may be debatable, the fact that they’re now including mobile sites is notable news for the mobile web. Foxie


Status Code Definitions in toddler-speak

Mark Pilgrim:

415 Unsupported Media Type: “Don’t eat your boogers.” 502 Bad Gateway: “Mommy said bad words.”
Hiring: - Design Director

Not to be missed. A fantastic company to work for. I’ll mention more about this in an upcoming article.

Illustration: Literacy in Africa Illustration: Literacy in Africa

Heads of State:

Our friends at Opto Design in Manhattan commisioned this piece about literacy in Africa.
Quotes about interface design

Compiled by Luke Wroblewski.

WDDG relaunch WDDG

Via Todd Dominey, who puts it best:

WDDG relaunches with a style / presentation that’ll tickle nostalgia in anyone who remembers those choppy, dirty science class videos of yesteryear.
sIFR 3.0 beta now available

Highlights include smoother anti-aliasing, ability to use Flash’s text effects such as shadowing, and on-demand rendering.

ideasonideas: Five foundries that make us go “mmmm…”

Eric Karjaluoto:

I get rather emotional about typography. This morning I showered, staring at a bottle of overpriced shampoo, actually irritated by the awkwardly varied stem-weights that made its wordmark seem sickly…. This is by no means a comprehensive list of foundries, but rather, a few whose work is on our wish list.

Lots of fine detailing to behold.

Field-Tested Books book (.zip)

Name: traveler, Password: 91ee3c. Coudal Partners:

It’s a 97 page PDF, typeset and horizontally oriented for comfortable screen reading and efficient printing and it contains all of this year’s reviews and tons more from previous years.
Thank You

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who read, attended, downloaded, purchased, mailed, and otherwise made 2006 one of the best years yet for the Moll collective. Thank you.



Veer Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives.
Stock photography, type, and killer tees. Genuinely recommended by Authentic Boredom.

1   testMonkey ~ 30 December 2006

why, you’re welcome!

2   patrick h. lauke ~ 30 December 2006 is even more impressive when you visit it via lynx, or with images disabled…i guess the simple idea of ALT attributes (and not just empty ones) is still fairly novel…

3   BigA ~ 30 December 2006

And a hearty Thank You to you too! 2006 would have been all the duller were it not for my daily visits here. All the best for 2007.

4   Tfoo ~ 30 December 2006

Good job trainspotting the “mobile webbies” Cam. Have you got any links for notable mobi sites? It would be great to see some potential entries now. Hold on my phone needs me to deposit another dime… it’s old school

5   Cameron Moll ~ 30 December 2006

[] i guess the simple idea of ALT attributes (and not just empty ones) is still fairly novel…

No kidding. Did you notice nearly every character of text is also an image? Horrible indeed, despite the impressive aesthetics.

6   Matthew Pennell ~ 01 January 2007

I like the way that if you switch CSS off and then back on, the table layout is so complex it can’t put itself back together in the browser.

Now _that_ is clever…

7   Bliss ~ 01 January 2007

Thanks a lot making the 2006 a wonderful year with the great posts. Keep up the good work.

8   Jeff Bridgforth ~ 01 January 2007

I like the Roxie visual design also. Only problem is that it is down in tables.

9   Stefan ~ 02 January 2007

I think looks/feels a lot like don’t you think…?

10   Daniel Wilkes ~ 03 January 2007

Hi Cameron

Just to thank you for your CSS workshop in London with Carson Workshops. Had a really good day, and its proved useful in the last few months as well.

Good to chat with you about our different beliefs and experiences with our different ministries as well

Probably see you again sometime

Daniel Wilkes

11   Max V ~ 25 October 2007

Chicago Web Design Company 4EVER Design Studio offers professional website design and development. Our web designers have the creativity and knowledge to appeal to your sense of style, at the same time giving you 100% quality.


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