Part 5: In Their Own Words

Performant Mental Health, The Series

In this final installment, guest authors share their experience with mental health challenges and victories, both personally and professionally.

My Non-Linear Grief Journey: A Daughter’s Love

Ilana Shapiro Yahdav, grief recovery specialist, shares her journey following the loss of her father. “In the early days, as I sat fumbling for air, I promised myself that when I found my way, I would devote my life to helping others do the same. A few years ago, I was finally able to keep that promise.”

“Sorry, I am going to be late.”: Returning from Parental Leave with Postpartum Anxiety

Caitlyn McCarthy shares her insights and experience on the often-underserved topic of postpartum mental health. “Anxiety has ebbed and flowed throughout my life since I was a teen. … However, despite all my worries and ailments, my anxiety never made an appearance in or at my work until I returned after the birth of my second child.”

Firing Dave

Chris Hall shares how he missed an important opportunity to help a team member suffering from mental illness. “As I sat across from Dave and told him he was fired, his head hung in despair. … Even though I was ostensibly doing the ‘right’ thing for the company, it was clear to me that I’d missed the chance to help someone who needed it. As a manager, I had taken the easy way out.”

How I’m Balancing a Career in Tech and Living with Mental Illness

Bradley Gabr-Ryn, digital product designer and mentor for “There’s something I’ve never been comfortable with, and that’s talking about it in the present tense. … So in case anyone else is feeling a similar inner conflict, I’d like to open up and share some of the things I do that help me not just survive, but thrive.”

Mental Wellness and the Gut-Brain Axis Connection

Ann Sinclair, holistic therapist and mental wellness advocate, draws upon her knowledge of how gut health contributes to mental health. “Recent studies have shown that the gut microbiome plays an essential role in mental wellness. This revelation is known as the gut-brain axis connection.”

Social Anxiety and Depression: “It Sucks, Big Time!”

An anonymous author shares their challenging journey of despair and hope. “This isn’t a short term problem for me … this is my life. No matter how many self help books I read, prescription drugs I take or psychologists I talk to, I am never really able to completely over come my subconscious.”

Clearing the Fog

Pete Burgess compares mental impairment to the disorienting effect of literal fog, and advice navigating a path forward. “The fog will lift, but it could take some time. It should take some time because for a mental fog to lift, it requires healing. You do not want to rush healing, but there are things that you can do to aid it.”

How to Save a Life

Brandon Gregory, who lives with bipolar depression, on suicide prevention: “It’s always a good thought that leaves a door open for someone to come to when they need help. ‘Call me if you need me.’ It really is a caring thing to say, and I commend anyone who says it. But, truth be told, it’s not the most effective thing to say.”

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About the Authors

Cameron Moll
Cameron Moll (Editor) is a leadership consultant, author, speaker, and ecclesiastical advisor. For more than a decade he has worked closely with individuals and families to advise them through grief, mental illness, and other hardships in communities throughout California, Florida, and Utah. He has been building for the web since the late 1990’s and most recently served as the Head of Design for the Events platform on Facebook. Cameron’s work has been featured by NPR, The Atlantic, Forrester Research, Communication Arts, and many other prominent media organizations.
Suzanne Moll
Suzanne Moll is the mother of five children, all of them sons: two adults, two teens, and a toddler. Suzanne has spent countless hours advising women and children impacted by emotional stress, trauma, and other life-altering circumstances. She has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition (2015) from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies at Cornell University and has an insatiable passion for whole foods. Suzanne is a native Floridian and finds her personal respite at the beach.
Eddie Brouse
Eddie Brouse (APRN, PMHNP) is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with nearly 20 years behavioral and mental health experience, counseling adults and juveniles impacted by depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and more. He has four tremendous daughters, one amazing son, and is a licensed pilot.