That Wicked Worn List

~ 08 September 2004 ~

Finally did it. Finally made some time to gallerize sites with That Wicked Worn Look.

I’ve now inspired myself to create a full-on gallery of sorts. I’m not exactly sure how to do it. And I’m still contemplating whether or not I have the audacity (and time) to do it before the sizzle fades.

For now, enjoy the gallery below. Featured are either 1) sites directly influenced by the Wicked Worn series, or 2) sites that had already gone the way of the wicked before the series’ publication.

The Amazing Race Fireland Red Labor American Eagle Eddie Bauer Buckle Airbag Jason Santa Maria Monc Acceptance Blakems Nick Jones stingthebee Elevated Mental John Barleycorn Before The Day SurvivorWeb Biddle Bugs Cathy Day Unreal Travels Maratz Ray and Amy Dark Cloud Press Absurdisten

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